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Campus Celebrity Tevin Williams ’15

This friendly sweetheart is quite hard to miss with his vibrant smile and upbeat personality. He’s outgoing, fun, and the definition of a true Blazer! If you haven’t already met Tevin before, here’s your chance to get to know him!

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Major: Mass Media

Classification: Senior

Hometown: Thomasville, GA

Her Campus: What is something about you that most people don’t know?

Tevin Williams: Well, I’m sure a lot of people know me mostly as “the cheerleader that runs the big VSU Blazers flag,” but in all honesty I never thought I would get that opportunity. I had NEVER cheered a day in my life until I got to Valdosta State. One of my best friends was a cheerleader in high school and being around her as well as watching her compete made me really want to learn how to tumble, stunt, and cheer. I didn’t make it the first time I tried out; however, after learning some basics, I tried out again and I made it: cheering for VSU, and competing in April for a NCA Division II Small Coed National Title.

HC: What are you involved in here at VSU?

Tevin: I have been involved in the Residence Hall Association’s Hall Council and was voted Member of the Year in 2013. After moving off campus, I mainly volunteer at events, such as the Haunted Trail recently or for the International Dinner. It’s been great meeting people on our campus and I plan on becoming more involved by joining SGA next spring.

HC: What are your plans after graduation?

Tevin: I really want to apply to graduate school at my top two choices: the University of Miami and New York University. I’m planning on getting a Master’s Degree in International Affairs and Journalism, in addition to brushing up on my Spanish and learning either German or Russian. That’s my Plan A. If I decide not to go pursue my Master’s Degree, I’ll still move to New York City or Miami to learn the ropes as a Journalist and/or News Anchor. My dream job is to have Robin Roberts as my mentor and hopefully take her place someday on Good Morning America.

HC: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Tevin: I really enjoy watching some television. I only watch a couple of shows, but by far my absolute favorite show is American Horror Story. I believe Ryan Murphy is a genius, and he’s truly done a great job with each and every season that airs. If I’m not watching TV, you can find me reading a book! I absolutely love books, and pretty much any good story such as Proverbs or fictional tall tales will interest me.

HC: What will you take away from the four years you’ve been here at VSU?

Tevin: The biggest thing I believe I’ve learned at VSU is that with faith and determination, anything is possible. People fail to realize that in college you get a BRAND NEW START. I love my high school, and everything about it, but college has given me more [opportunities] and chances to grow into the man I’m still hoping to become. Even though I’m 45 minutes away from home, I’ve learned so much, and I have so MUCH MORE to learn and grow in my last semester here at VSU.

HC: What are you most passionate about?

Tevin: I’m passionate about finding out people’s story. Whenever I meet someone I feel as though it is a big opportunity to learn about what they are about. Everyone comes from many different places, backgrounds, and even countries. I feel like getting to really know people’s backstories and life is a great thing; I hope to do that professionally someday. Being who I am, that career will never have to pay since that is truly what I am passionate about. 

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