Campus Celebrity: Taylor Morrell '16

Meet Taylor, Her Campus' newest Campus Celebrity. She is a mass media major with a great fashion sense and hard work ethic that can be seen in her efforts to start her new brand, Hallelujah Trends. Keep scrolling to get to know her better! 

Name: Taylor Morrell

Classification: Senior

Major: Mass Media 

Hometown: Atlanta, Ga

HC: What made you want to come to VSU?

TM: I considered Valdosta because of the affordability and the distance from home. I decided to attend Valdosta after I toured the campus and fell in love with the school spirit. I went to a relatively small high school, so the larger D1 universities seemed over whelming; Valdosta was a perfect fit. 

HC: Are you involved in any organizations or extra-curricular activities on campus?

TM: I’m involved in a few organizations on campus: Future Business Leaders of America, Habitat for Humanity, and Gay Straight Alliance. I’d like to consider working at the Rec an extracurricular activity as well.

HC: How did it feel to be crowned Miss Black and Gold last semester?

TM: Being crowned Miss Black and Gold was pretty overwhelming. Girls with tattoos are rarely considered as pageant material. Winning was reassuring to me and hopefully others that our social perception of beauty is all relative to what YOU think is beautiful.  

HC: I know you have a new brand, can you tell me the meaning behind the name, what it means to you and what you want possible consumers to gain from it?

TM: My brand, Hallelujah Trends, is relatively new. I started the concept a few years ago and just recently was I able to put forth my vision. The concept behind the word “Hallelujah” which is the signature on all the shirts, is simple. Thanks to the highest. The intent was to get people to think about what makes them greatful to be alive and what makes them an individual. I wanted my brand to appeal to EVERYONE, no matter their race, creed, color, gender identification, or religious affiliations. I hope consumers gain the simple notion that we are ALL equal under God. 

HC: Who influences you the most and in what ways?

TM: Aside from God, my mother influences me in every way. I am a direct reflection of my mother and in those ways I can anticipate my hardheaded-ness. My mother doesn't sugar coat or tiptoe around her opinion. She also doesn't make excuses. Through her teachings, I'm evolving into a renaissance woman, juggling a million and one things, with goals in mind and a strong heart at hand.

HC: With everything you have going on how do you balance it all?

TM: I balance it all by getting sleep! I make it my mission to wake up as early as I can so that I can accomplish all my daily to-do lists throughout the day. However, on weeknights I’m in bed by 11:30. I miss out on some of the late night festivities, but that’s the only way I stay on-top, and a head of the ball. 

HC: What are you goals/plans/aspirations after you graduate from college?

TM: The perfect plan after graduation would be to jump right on a plane and see the world for a few years. However, “the way my student loans are set up”, I will most likely be working for a freelance production company somewhere in Atlanta or Miami. My aspirations are definitely to be happy and healthy, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

HC: Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to your freshman self?

TM: I’d tell freshman Taylor to surround herself with people who want to see you grow. That’s easier said than done when you’re in the midst of meeting new people and hanging on to old friends all at once. Not everyone is rooting for you and those that are— keep them close!

To keep up with Taylor's brand Hallelujah and the many positive moves she makes on and off campus follow her on Twitter @myaleluya and on IG @taylor.r.morrell/@hallelujahtrends