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Campus Celebrity Nakeyla Hicks ’16

Such a bright face and fun personality, this week’s Campus Celebrity is Nakeyla Hicks! She’s the President of the Distinguished Women of Excellence, a leader on campus, and works for Housing! 

Name: Nakeyla Hicks (Keyla)

Classification: Junior

Major: Psychology

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius 


Her Campus: Hey Keyla! So why’d you choose to come to VSU?

Nakeyla Hicks: I chose VSU because it was far from home but still in Georgia so [by] choosing VSU I was able to get the college experience without being too far from home. 

HC: How do you manage everything on your plate, from all things you’re a part of as well as your personal life?

NH: I am an organizer and calendar Nazi! I carry an organizer with me everywhere I go. I’m always jotting things down in my agenda and scheduling out my days the night before. I even schedule lunch dates with friends. It’s sad [laughs] but it keeps me on track with life. 

HC: Planners are best friends! What has been your best experience so far?

NH: My best experience so far is moving off campus. The responsibility and freedom puts you in situations that you have to learn and grow from.

HC: What made you want to be a front desk worker? 

NH: I originally wanted to be an RA (Resident Assistant) because I didn’t have the best college experience my freshmen year and I wanted to help other students avoid going through the same things. However, I became the Vice President of DWE and didn’t have enough time to be the committed RA I wanted to be. I later saw that they needed front desk workers so I applied and I’m glad I did because I still get that fulfillment of helping fellow students. 

Nakeyla Hicks with one of DWE’s members, Najada Hester.

HC: What’s it like being the President of The Distinguished Women of Excellence and also a front desk worker?

NH: It’s always difficult to have a lot on your plate but working, being a President of an organization and making sure I’m a successful student has become my life, so I’m used to it. It’s difficult and very stressful at times but I have to continue to push because I have other girls looking at my actions and my leadership. I want them to know that they can juggle anything life throws at them. 

HC: Who inspires you and why?

NH: The girls in DWE inspire me because it’s amazing to see girls from all different walks of life come together and work towards something bigger than all of them. To have such a kind heart and do things for selfless reasons is very inspiring and motivating. 

Nakeyla with the rest of the Distinguished Women of Excellence Executive Board (Taranesha Wright, Camille Edwards, Kenya DeLouis, Zenobia Harris, and Kareeyona Beckett, from left to right) 

HC: What do you want to do with your life? 

NH: Everyone has something great to offer the world. I’m still on the journey of finding out that one special thing I have to offer but once I find it, I want to use it to help me leave my mark. Whether it’s through my children, DWE, or my career I want to leave my mark in this world! 

HC: What’s a color that describes you? 

NH: I believe teal describes me because it’s a unique color that’s very calm and peaceful. It’s also a complex color because it isn’t blue but it isn’t green and I believe I’m a very complexed person. 

Nakeyla with her best friend Elle at MAG’s Pre-Function 2 event. 

HC: Last question: what’s some advice that you can give to any of Valdosta State University’s class of 2018? 

NH: Do not allow yourself to be placed in a box! No one should be able to categorize you or label you. You define who you are and stay true to that.

If you ever see Keyla somewhere around campus, at an event, or at the front desk of Hopper Hall working, say hi! She has such a friendly and wonderful personality! 

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