Campus Celebrity Kayla Robles '17

Meet Kayla, a girl that speaks out and never lets fear sideline her in life. From playing for the Women's Soccer Team at VSU to being a Student Ambassador, Kayla is unstoppable on and off the field. Get to know her below!

Name: Kayla Robles

Major/Minor: Business Management/Human Resources

Hometown: Flowery Branch, Georgia

VSU Classification: Junior (#VState17)

On Campus Involvement: VSU Women's Soccer Team (captain), VSU Student Ambassador, Orientation Leader, and VSU SAAC (Student-Athlete Advisory Committee) President

Off Campus Involvement: National SAAC for D2 Representative for the Gulf South Conference

Zodiac Sign: Pices

Favorite Celebrities: Adam Sandler & Jennifer Anniston (they're hilarious!)

HC: Hey Kayla! To kick us off, why don't you tell us a little about how you chose VSU.

KR: I chose VSU orginally to come play soccer, honestly. I was going around to look for soccer opportunities and when I came to VSU, I barely contacted the coach about visiting the school. I emailed her the day before and told her I would love to talk to her and learn about the program. The day of the visit, talking with the coach first really made me feel great. I did not feel like a recruit, but [the coach] was talking to me personally about what it is like to play college soccer, not just VSU soccer. It was me and my family so I felt like she made [us] feel very welcome. I wanted to play for her. But then, once we visited campus, out of all the colleges I saw, I definitely felt like I belonged here. I walked out of the tour feeling like I wanted to go here, soccer or not.

HC: That's awesome! Has soccer been your favorite part of your VSU experience?

KR: I like all the opportunities here [at VSU]. Being a student-athlete, I thought I would have no time but VSU has shown me that I have time to do other things, not just be a soccer player with the #2 jersey. I'm a student as well. My favorite experience [at VSU] would be the first soccer game I ever played here at VSU. I was a freshman [and] it was the first home game of the season. There were 600 people at the game. I was like really scared but it was definitely my favorite moment.

HC: That's such a great way to start your experience as a student-athlete! Now you mentioned that you are a part of SAAC, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. What has been your favorite part in serving in that organization?

KR: My favorite part is all of the opportunities I have received from this role and becoming closer to the Athletic Department, the other student-athletes on campus, and opportunities to learn so much about not only an athletic experience but also a well rounded person. Being involved with National SAAC give me the opportunity to meet people across the country and figure out my life. I want to work in inter-collegiette athletics - conferences, on campus, or at the NCAA level. It is very eye opening to see what the NCAA is like behind-the-scenes. As student-athletes, we go through it but we don't know what happens behind-the-scenes and how it makes our lives better.


HC: Well besides being a student-athlete, I noticed your major is Business Management with a minor in Human Resources. What do you plan to do after you graduate?

KR: My plan for right after undergrad...I'm hoping there are two ways I can go: a NCAA internship which would give me the opportunity to work at the national office and be an intern or go to grad school and get a degree in Athletic Administration. In grad school, I would become a GA for the Athletic Department so I can learn more about what I want to do.

HC: I know your life must be pretty be busy! How do you practice time management? 

KR: My planner. It marks off every hour of my day. I also learned it is important for free time, or to set off an hour for yourself during the day. So I normally look at the whole week and I pre-plan, and then find time left and use it as free time. [Throughout the day,] keep going. I like to work in-between working hours, like 8-5, 8-6, so I can still have my nights off...unless there are big assigments due. Practice working [in those hours] and then when it is time to eat dinner and go to bed, that's it.

HC: That's really smart! I noticed on your Instagram you have a quote in your bio that says "Speak Out." What is that about?

KR: My stutter. Coming out of my senior year of high school in April, knowing I was coming to college, I was not going to let my stutter hold me back. Speak Out is something I came up with so I'm not ever afraid to speak my mind. My speech impediment doesn't mean I can't do anything.

HC: Is your stutter part of what motivates you do be so successful?

KR: I mean, I stay motivated because just thinking about the future, I know...I am going to have to work hard in everything I do. I've had to do that my whole life. Preparation is key for everything that I do so it motivates me because I know that if I don't prepare, I won't succeed. Not saying I don't make mistakes, I do. I'm not afraid to. As long as I learn from it, I got somewhre. I want to be successful and be happy with what I'm doing, and I feel I have to try everything before I pick. I want to prove everybody wrong, like with my stutter. I don't want people to look at me like "the girl with the stutter." She may have a stutter, but she doesn't let it hold her back. I don't want it to hold me back.


HC: Well let's talk a little more about you personally! What are some of your favorite things to do?

KR: I like hanging out with my friends here on campus. [Side note,] what is free time though? [laughs] I like talking to my grandma and really enjoy that time calling her. I enjoy traveling, being an NCAA rep has allowed that, which I loved. I enjoy walking around cities and taking in the atmosphere. I really like to go to the pool to relax and hangout. 

HC: Where is one place you would love to visit?

KR: San Diego! I've been once and I'd love to go back!

HC: What is a fun fact about you that nobody knows?

KR: I've never been to Disney World.

HC: Sum up your time at VSU, so far, in three words.

KR: Opportunity. Incredible. Fun. [smiles]

HC: Our last question is kind of different...during your time thus far at VSU, what is one thing you regret not doing?

KR: As of right now, I do wish I could be more involved with taking advantage of all the resources that are here. [Specifically,] that being talking with professors about other general life stuff, not just class.


Follow Kayla on her busy student-athlete life by checking her out on Twitter at @KayyRobles and on Instagram at @kayrobles! HCXO!