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Campus Celebrity Juwan Andrews ’15

What does excellence cost? Media Arts Geniuses, despite its young age, has come to amaze and astonish the expectations at Valdosta State University. Who would believe that after only 3 years at the university, Juwan Andrews, a Business Marketing major, and Chad Lawson would create an idea that would drastically change not only the meaning of the Arts in this age, but also the way to create a successful organization. Today, M.A.G. participates in many of the events hosted on campus, while also having an influential hand in much of the promotion and production of those and other events. Juwan Andrews is the president of this organization, 1/2 of the original idea, and this week’s Campus Celebrity. Juwan was kind enough to sit down with me and answer a few questions.
What experience were you searching for when creating MAG?
I wasn’t necessarily looking for experience, but I was bored and looking for a challenge.
Who is Juwan Andrews outside of MAG?
Outside of MAG, I am pretty much to myself. I hang with a select group of people. You can find me in my room sleep most of the time.
What is the future (currently) for you?
I’m uncertain but optimistic about my future. I just want to take over the world.
What/who keeps you going?                                      
Pertaining to MAG, my members keep me going! Their enthusiasm and love for the organization makes me strive to be the best president I can be and to keep the excellence going within our organization. Pertaining to my life, my family and friends keep me going. They have high hopes for me and I don’t want to disappoint them, nor myself. Also, if I ever were to make it, I wouldn’t forget about everyone who supported me.
Above all else what keeps you happy?
Life keeps me happy. The uncertainties and possibilities of life keep me on my toes. I never know what tomorrow holds but I’m always eager to find out.
How do you remain yourself without becoming entrenched in being “The president of MAG?”
MAG rules my life. It is a full-time job. Everything I do, MAG is attached to. Nonetheless, this is my last term as president so hopefully I will get to do more things outside of MAG as well. But, of course MAG will always remain one of the THE best organizations because I will never let it fall. The main reason for me stepping down is to see leadership change in the organization and to be here to advise them so that they can sustain the organization after I graduate. It’s better for leadership to change while I’m in college than for me to remain president until I graduate and leave them to fend for their own. It’s a decision I thought hard and long about but ultimately it was the best decision. Nonetheless, I will be the best general member that I can be. Many have even told me that they still will refer to me as “Prez.” That’s so humbling because I can say that I have earned many of my members’ respect.
Does the president date?
Single. My life is too hectic to date right now. Tried it, and it failed. So, now, I’m just chilling.
Well, there you have it. Juwan may be one of the most humble and hardworking individuals on this campus, and the success of M.A.G. only shines a light on the already brilliant future of this young man! I believe it is safe to say that, if our generation truly is the future, Juwan is the harbinger of all that we strive to become. Thank you, Juwan, for believing in yourself and inspiring others to do the same! I look forward to seeing your many successes to come. 
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