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Campus Celebrity Joshlyn Dennis ’14

You’v probably turned on the radio and came across the unforgettable voice. Bebe the Bad Brat? Yes! It’s VSU’s own Joshlyn Dennis. Most of her closest friends know her as just Josh! She’s also a Blazette for the VSU band. But don’t let the name fool you, this girl is far from a brat. Down to earth and funny, Josh has dreams of becoming a philanthropist and having her own talk show by the time she’s 36! Starting out as just an intern, Josh has taken Valdosta by storm by her memorable and entertaning personality. 


Name: Joshlyn Dennis

Hometown: Atlanta, Ga

Major: Mass Media 

Classification: Senior

How did the personality Bebe come about?

I started at the station as an intern. Because the station is family owned, the owner (she’s definitely like a character, you’d have to meet her!) likes to nickname everybody, and she’s always calling me the brat because I guess she thinks I’m spoiled or whatever! [laughs] It spun off of that. That’s how I became Bebe, the bad brat of radio. She gave it to me, and I couldn’t say no so I just took it and ran with it.

What’s the best part of being a radio personality?

I think it’s just being able to open the mic and be yourself. You know, you get to [be a] character and have fun. It’s definitely a lot of work, like a lot of production, a lot of planning and time putting together pieces and stuff like that. But the best part is how you can be so creative as a person. One day you can say “I want to cover this” or “I want to be like this” but the next you can do something totally different. So being able to be verstile and creative. 

What would you say is the hardest part of being a radio personality?

Something that as a personality I’m still working on is criticism, from my listeners or people, and negativity. But you know, at the same time you have to think about it: it’s just a mic and a computer. They really can’t see you, and they don’t know you if they don’t know you as a person. It’s just really overcoming all the negativity as well as keeping a positive mindset. 

What do you do in your spare time besides radio?

If I’m not in school, I volunteer a lot. I just got finished coaching a little league cheerleading team. I just had my first non-profit organization, a prom dress drive. It went really well. I’m always trying to give back to the community or get my foot in another door so it can lead to bigger and better things. But I basically just like to have fun. Sing, laugh, site see, travel. I get in the car for like 2 seconds and just drive. 

What’s your average day like?

Waking up, getting dressed. At least getting to the station an hour early to do production. If my show is at 10 I’ll go in around 9. You know, get the weather, collect all my data for “the Spill” or what celebrity I’m going to be talking about, or what national or local news event that I want to discuss. Then basically put everything in as far as my commercials, tags and liners so the show will flow really well. Then 10 hits, first break, I’m on the mic’s open, doing that, taking calls… you know, posting everything, planning, giving away tickets if we have some and then, at 3 o’clock, closing the mic and staying an hour after to do production for the next day. I live out there! 

Do you have any role models?

I do! I love Orpah. I know that’s just like, “What, of course she’s going to say that,” but I love Orpah. [And] people like The Game. I know it sounds crazy because he’s like a thug or whatever, but The Game gives back to the community a lot. People like that I idolize because I am a person that always wants to give back or that’s always trying to help out. 

What is your most memorable moment at VSU?

It would probably be my first day ever attending class, only because I had to realize, “Okay, this is college.” And it’s totally different from high school. High school gives you a different perspective than coming here and having to readjust. It’s totally different than what they’re teaching us. Also, probably running for homecoming queen this year was pretty cool. It just taught me how our college operates. It was very memorable. 

What’s your favorite part about VSU?

Well, the campus is a given. I mean, come on, it’s beautfiul. If you ever feel like you need to escape or you need somewhere to go, then the front lawn is like the magic spot. I call it my getaway. And I’m not just saying this to get people to get in the Mass Media program but I personally feel like the students in the Mass Media program know each other. We bond, connect, we work together. We might fuss and fight and argue but at the same time we’re going to come back and work as a team. 

What do you see yourself doing in 15 years?

In 15 years, hopefully I’ll have my own talk show. That’s my ultimate goal. Basically being a motivational speaker, getting booked different places, traveling. And that’s really it, a talk show that’s well established, highly credited, on Oprah’s network or, you know, anyone who will pick me up. I’ll be grateful. But definitely my own talk show and giving back.

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