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Campus Celebrity Christopher Hawkins ’15

You’ve definitely seen him around campus whether it was hosting a show, strolling through the Pedestrian Mall, or bringing events like “I Too Sing America” to VSU. If you don’t already know him here’s your chance. Meet this week’s Campus Celebrity, Christopher Hawkins!

Age: 22

Classification: Senior

Major: Speech Communications

HC: Why did you choose to come to VSU?

CH: I didn’t want to go to school in Atlanta because I felt like there would be too many distractions there and my mom said I couldn’t stay home and go to Columbus State. I honestly like the small town, D2 size campus, and the weather down here is actually pretty good.

HC: What are you involved in on campus?

CH: I currently serve as the President of the Lambda Phi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi and the Vice President of NAACP. I served as an SGA Senator and CMVSU Vice President in my earlier days at VSU. I have also been inducted in “Who’s Who among College Students in America” and “The National Society of Leadership and Success.”

HC: How do you balance academics, organizations, and a social life?

​CH: I used to get overwhelmed with it all because I tried to do everything and be everywhere. I have gotten better with saying no and letting others take lead and do things. Coming off of a Dean’s List semester I have realized that I just do what I need to do. My job as a student assistant at the Testing Office actually gives me a good opportunity to complete homework and tasks for my organizations. I have a pretty good social life. Every day is an adventure. My brothers and friends give me laughs every day. (Shout out to the “Sloths.”)

HC: What’s been your best experience since being here?

​CH: That’s a tough question. I have had a lot of wonderful experiences here at VSU. Hosting the first MAG Showcase (before it was called EOG) would rank fourth, being the Political Action Chair of NAACP my sophomore year (2012 election year) would rank third, becoming a man of Kappa Alpha Psi is second, and first would be planning an event titled “I Too Sing America” last fall. In that event I had the opportunity to interview Kendrick Johnson’s aunt in front of students and faculty. Hearing how losing her nephew affected her life was a life changing experience. Seeing the pain in her face and hearing it in her voice was touching.

HC: Describe yourself in three words.

​CH: Driven, charismatic, and blessed.

HC: Who inspires you and why?

​CH: This may be cliché, but my family is my biggest inspiration. They have given me so many opportunities to be great. I look up to my grandparents, aunts, siblings, and of course my parents. My grandparents paved the way for my mom and aunts and they have passed me the torch of greatness. They are really my back bone and have set a strong foundation for me. If I ever need anything I may not always ask them, but I know in the back of my mind that I can. At the end of the day, I just want to make their hard work and sacrifices pay off; and for me to continue to make them proud.  

My “little brothers” Tyler and Eric also inspire me. To witness them have a dream and accomplish those dreams is something wonderful to witness. Tyler becoming SGA President and Eric being a founder of Model Mentors and President of the NPHC inspires me to not become complacent and always try to do more. Even though they are a few months younger than me I can say I look up to them.

HC: What makes you the happiest?

​CH: Knowing I am making my family proud, having the trust of my peers, leading them in the right direction, planning an event and seeing the final outcome.

HC: What’s the biggest misconception about you?

​CH: I would say the biggest misconception of me is that I am cocky. Yes, I am confident and I can be pretty blunt sometimes, but I think saying I am cocky is an exaggeration. I do believe that I have worked to build an amount of respect in certain aspects. I feel as if people see me and feel as if though I should be cocky for reasons such as being a Kappa or when I used to host everything or for whatever reason. I have heard so many times, “Chris I used to think you were so cocky.” Yes, I have my anti-social moments and sometimes I may say some off the wall things, but no one is perfect.

HC: What do you want to be remembered for?

​CH: As far as being remembered at VSU goes, I would want to be remembered as an innovator. I feel as if I took a lot of things to another level on this campus. Such as helping register over 650 students to vote, organizing a debate, and planning an election watch party that packed out the ballrooms was wonderful. Ideas such as the “Welcome to the Yard” video and most of the Kappa BroadKast also are monumental for me. From events planned, to videos I have produced I feel as if I was a pioneer to the VSU we see today. As far as the world goes I want to be remembered for giving life my all. 

Next time you see him don’t hesitate to say hey!


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