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Campus Celebrity Chéla North ’15

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.
You’ve probally seen her in a performance over at the Fine Arts Building, or you’ve seen her running around on campus, or maybe you’ve seen her walking by with a large friendly smile on her face to greet you! Either way it goes, her bubbling personality is hard to miss! Chéla is a hardworking student not only in the classroom, but outside as well and is a member of many different orgainzations! This week’s campus celeb is Chéla North! 
HometownAtlanta, GA
Major: Musical Theatre
Year: Junior
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Organizations involved in on campus: Habitat for Humanity, Media Arts Geniuses, Hearts Everywhere Reaching Out, Black Student League, Theatre and Dance Box Office, Alpha Psi Omega

Why Valdosta State? I chose VSU because I wanted somewhere close enough to home, but far enough. I loved the location-especially the palm trees!

What’s one thing you wish you could change about VSU? I love my university! But, I think I speak for everyone when I say, without a doubt, I would change the parking!

How did you get involved in the performing arts? I’ve always been artistic since I was a child. I started out in chorus and dance classes and then drama club a little later. It wasn’t until high school that I did my first musical, Once on This Island, and I got hooked and realized that Musical Theatre was my passion.

Why choose it as a major, why not just as a hobby? Honestly, the feeling that I have when I perform is a feeling that I want to have all the time, not just sometimes. I couldn’t imagine doing ANYTHING else as a profession.

What’s your favorite Valdosta State show you’ve been in and why? Man, this is a hard one! I’ve been blessed enough to be cast in a number of shows here at VSU and I’ve enjoyed each of them greatly. But, I’d say the most rewarding of them all was last semester’s “Lonely, I’m Not”. It was my first straight play that I’ve done here and was overall the most challenging. I got to portray three different, contrasting characters and work with an amazingly talented cast! It was a wonderful theatrical experience!

Pictured (left to right): Chéla North, Blake Fountain, Ethan Parker, Maxwell Swangel, Kelsey Russo, Rebecca Morris, Diamind Do’zia, and Larren Woodward 

Who inspires you the most? I hate to sound cliché, but my mom is my biggest inspiration, hands down. She is the woman that I desire to be. She isn’t a performer but she is the most determined and faithful person I’ve ever met and I am so honored to be able to call her mom. Her resilience and compassion keeps me going even on my worst days and for that I am forever indebted to her.

How do you manage your time? My agenda is my best friend! My friends tease me all the time for it. With my busy schedule, I have to write everything in it. Homework assignments, little tasks throughout the day, and even when I’m going to wash my hair. I’d never find the time if I didn’t plan it out.

What do you want to do after graduation? I have some money put away from an aunt’s will and I told myself I’d move to New York City for at least 6 months. Just to say I did and so I can experience auditioning and living in the Big City. But, another huge dream of mine is to be a casting director.

What do you want to be remembered for before you die? I simply want people to remember me by my service for others. There is, honestly, nothing I enjoy more than helping others and giving to those who can’t. It’s another passion of mine.

Ice Cream or Cake? Ice cream, of course! Pistachio!

Hot and sunny days or cool and relaxing, rainy days? There is nothing I can’t stand more than being cold! But then again, I hate being sweaty and icky, too. Fall time is the perfect weather!

What is something that no one would ever know about you just by looking at you? Well, I’m an extrovert, so a lot of my emotions I wear on my sleeve. But, I guess something not many people know is that I’m very emotional. I have a huge compassion for others and I hate to see people mistreated. I’m emotional, but not overly sensitive. I can take a lot, but every now and then I believe a good cry is the best therapy.

How did you feel about being asked to be a Campus Celeb? I’m so honored and extremely surprised. It’s very humbling to be recognized for something you don’t even realize is anything at all. I cannot thank Her Campus enough for allowing me the opportunity to share a little bit about myself with my fellow Blazers!


Hey Her Campus lovelies! I'm Jazzë Lewis, a 21 year old Junior at Valdosta State University Majoring in Musical Theatre. My obsession with the color Purple, Zebras, owls and french macaroons are serious people! I am the Habitat for Humanity Fundraising Chair as well as the Her Campus Treasurer! This is my first year with Valdosta State University's Her Campus and i look forward to a bright and shiny Pink year with Her Campus!! Cheers to our first year ladies!! Go Blazers!!
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