Campaign Zero

Social media and the advancement of technology has definitely shed new light on police brutatility. We've always known it's been an issue, but now, its almost impossible to go on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr without seeing another video or reading another story. Activists who are a part of the Black Lives Matter movement have mapped out a plan on how to lessen the number of deaths and violent acts that occur because of the police. It's called Campaign Zero, a movement made with policies meant to protect and preserve life. It should ultimately help to improve the strained relationship between the comunity and the police force.  



Each of the ten categories listed has a corresponding policy solution to improve the issue. The activists who are a part of the movement feel that it is important to get the next leader of the free world involved in the workings of it. They have spoken with a few of the candidates including Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Their site includes information on the candidates leading the poll and how their own presidential campaign helps with Campain Zero. 



The site literally has an swer for why these policy would better the country. The activists have done the research, found the problems, and suggested really awesome solutions. The issue of police brutatlity affects everyone, and its important to stay up on exactly what is going on. The site is constantly updating in light of recent events, and adds new information almost everyday. I've included a few statistically correct images directly from the site below, specifically on the number of victims that are killed by police each year.




If you don't see an issue yet I suggest that you visit the site. While you visit the site realize this movement is not blaming all cops, or bashing policemen as individuals at all. Keep in mind the countless number of individuals that don't get media coverage, and the names of those killed that we don't know. This movement is for everyone, including the police officers, and is only meant to make things better. I understand that everyone has their own opinions, but it's pretty hard to fight opinions with fact, and the fact is that these issues won't go away if we don't actively try and fix it. If you want to be apart of the fight be sure to visit