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Brilliant or Bust? Give These Makeup Trends a Try!

The beauty world is constantly evolving and people are always finding better ways to apply their makeup with! It seems that the beauty blender is a cult favorite of many beauty YouTubers and people across the world. However, there has been an explosion in different ways makeup is being applied. It’s been a while since these trends have come out and spread, but here are a couple new ones in case you did not know about them!

Maybe you’ve seen this one around. It’s the Evie blender! It was brought out by a women-owned company that is “committed to social equality and environmental conversation.” The founder, Angie Johnson, used her experience as a film and TV makeup artist in both beauty and special effects to invent Evie Blender’s patent pending texture and design. Essentially, she wanted to bring out a product that would cut down on wasting product.

Here’s how to use the Evie Blender

The next one is the Sillisponge. This Allure award winner is another makeup applicator that is supposed to cut down on product wasting. It’s like the name says: it is a silicone makeup sponge that “makes liquid foundation stippling and blending look incredible.” 

Click here for the Sillisponge website!

Now, if you’re wanting to stick to the good ‘ole beauty blender too, that’s fine! I don’t blame you. I am a huge fan of my Real Techniques orange makeup sponge. It is reliable and affordable! However, here’s the link to the original Beauty Blender! Give these trends or traditional makeup applicators a try. Maybe you’ll like them better than a normal brush!



Sylvia Leong is a mass media major at Valdosta State University hoping to achieve her goal of securing a job in sports broadcasting. This Georgia peach loves all shades of blue, football season, and charming her way with sarcasm. Follow on Instagram and Twitter: svia96
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