Breaks Are Necessary

Everyone needs a break whether we want to admit it or not. We need breaks from our peers, friends, family, work, and definitely school. Responsibilities pile up and things become more difficult like the end is never in sight. Some days are harder than others and each day we grow from each encounter and experience we are given. But what about the days where life is really class nine whooping your ass and you can't take another hit. When the assignments pile up and your relationships are falling apart, take a breather and a day because no matter what you come first.

I am a firm believer in "me" time no matter how needed I am, I will always put myself first if I feel as though I'm losing control and things need a different angle. So I wonder, who checks on the one person everyone goes to for help? 

During the semester we pray for tropical storms strong enough to knock some branches around and cancel school for some days, but nothing too drastic. We count the days till breaks like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Summer just to get a bit of peace. But what do you do when scheduled breaks aren't scheduled close enough? Do you stress or do you party? What is your escape when it feels you're in the middle of the street begging for help and no one can see you. 

It is so important to focus on self-care because no matter how supportive of a friend group you have, no one can solve your problems but you. Some days instead of hanging out with friends, try something on your own. Go hiking, shopping, have a movie and wine night all by yourself. My me time comes in different shapes and symbols. Some days I clean my room and all around my apartment, light some candles, and make a day of doing my hair for once. If I trusted the bathtubs i'd bubble bath as often as possible, but that's another story for another day. 

Some people take 'me time' as being selfish, when your family wants to blow your phone up, your significant other ain't on they job, or your best friend ain't being the best-est. Tell people no, turn your phone on do not disturb, and do whatever you want to do as long as it's for you, whether it's a couple of hours or like my extreme like a couple of days. I don't be dead, just not in the mood.