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The Boomerang Effect: 7 ’90s Trends That Are Back In Style

There really is nothing quite like being a ‘90s baby. We had the best movies, the best cartoons and television shows. So, it would only make sense that styles and trends from our decade are coming back in style! If you’re ever in doubt and wondering if something you’ve been wanting to pull out of the closet may be too “old fashioned,” no worries—here are seven ‘90s trends that are making a comeback! 


1. Dark lipstick

Do you remember when T-Boz from TLC used to wear that dark colored lipstick back in the day? For a while it was completely out of style, but it’s back again! A lot of people used to play it safe with lighter or nude lipsticks, but it’s becoming much more common to use deep, bold tones.

2. Chokers

Who ever would’ve thought these tight-fitted necklaces would be back in style, but they are! You’ll often see celebs such as Kylie Jenner and Rihanna wearing chokers, and as you can see, they’re a pretty cute look!

3. Bed Hair

Now more than ever before, skipping a hair combing or brushing has become pretty acceptable. A little thing we know as “bed hair,” (basically waking up and passing a brush through your hair) has become a trend again. We are the generation that saved girls several minutes of brushing hair or flat ironing hair. Being a little messy has actually become pretty cute. 

4. Floral dresses

I’ll be the first to admit that when I was younger, I felt like a giant flower when my mom dressed me in a full floral dress. But more and more, floral dresses are coming back. They’re actually a huge trend, believe it or not! You’ll often find most floral print dresses in shorter styles, such as skater skirts. Besides, there can be such a thing as too much floral. 

5. Flannels

Whether you wear an oversized flannel with a pair of leggings, pair it with a crop top and high waisted shorts, or even tie it around your waist, flannels are definitely in! And they’re perfect for almost any attire or any weather. Flannels are really a year-‘round article of clothing. On my lazy days, I just throw one on with a beanie and some leggings. Yet when I want to look a little cuter and go for something a little different, I tie it around my waist over a pair of jeans or shorts. You can achieve just about any look with flannels. Not to mention they’re normally super soft and keep you pretty warm in colder weather. 

6. Denim jackets

I remember how much I used to absolutely HATE denim jackets. I didn’t like how stiff it was and it was a bit hard to find things to match it with. Would it be weird if I wore it with jeans that weren’t the exact same color? Or would it look to strange if I wore it with jeans that were the same color? Either way, neither of those things really matters anymore! 

7. Crop tops

Showing off your belly is definitely back in! Crop tops have really become every girl’s go-to piece of clothing. There are literally endless possibilities to crop top outfits, as well. They’re great for showing not too much skin, but just enough skin. 


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