Birth Control Chats: Mirena

So, it's officially been a year that I've been with my beloved Mirena. She sits comfortably in my uterus.  Keeping me from prematurely making decisions I am not ready for such as baby making. 

 For those of you who don't know a Mirena is an IUD ( Intrauterine Device). It is a common contraceptive in the form of a small device inserted into your cervix that releases a hormone into your body that prevents you from having babies! Another cool fact about it is that it lasts for 3-5 years! For some, it doesn't work, but for me it does.

I never wanted children. As a girl, it wasn't my dream. I never had anything against kids. I just really never got super excited about being a mom. Who knows what happened, but after I got my IUD inserted, I miraculously caught baby fever. Then my husband deployed, and I got the baby PLAGUE! It is so bad! When he was here, I would fool myself into thinking I actually want a tiny human to be growing in my body!  But call it the hormones or my husband's stunning good looks, but I always have the urge to retweet those cute babies on Twitter! Anyways, either way it goes, whether I really wanted a baby or not is irrelevant because my IUD is in there baby blocking like Bush dodged that shoe. It has saved me multiple times and will continue to save me for another 4 years! Here are a few questions I get often.

1.) Did it hurt? It was particularly pleasant, but it was a slow ache at the beginning and grew into a throbbing and angry ache. I was able to get up and drive myself home after, but I slept the rest of the day.

2.) Does it bother sex? The strings hang out, and my SO says he can feel them, but it isn't anything crazy!

3.) Do you have periods? Nope. They disappeared after about two months. 

4.) Does it cause pain? No, I can't even feel it!

I hope this helped! HCXO!