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Best Nudes for Brown Girls

As a brown girl it is very misleading to walk down the make-up aisle in search of nude lipsticks. It is also misleading to look at nude lip tutorials on YouTube and expect the same result. Nude for some people is completely different than it is for us. From one brown girl to another I want to make sure you do not have to learn the hard way, and expensive way, like I did. So this article is a brown girl’s guide to the nude lip with some of the best nude lip colors for brown girls. First thing first, you have to understand that your perfect nude lip is based off of the natural color of your lip. Some people have naturally pink lips, but for the most part the darker you are the darker your natural lip will be.  When trying to acheive an actual nude look it is imperative that you compliment your own natural beauty.  If you get the typical nude color it will show as some variation of pink. Instead of shopping for, or asking for, nude always look for browns. Here are some of the prettiest nudes for brown skin girls.


Antique Velvet by MAC ($17 online)


Choco-licious by Revlon (varies by drugstore)


Limbo by Colour Pop ($5 online)



Film Noir by Mac ($17 online)







Catsuit by Melt ($19 online)



Hopefully you try one, or all, of these nude lip colors.

They are super cute and can be worn as a natural look, a professional look, or if you just want to be cute.

Find your nude and slay honey, 



Toni Miles is a Mass Media Major with aspirations of writing, producing her own documentaries, and directing short films in the future. 
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