Begin to Walk

There are many times in life we come to a crossroads. Life is a game of choices and decisions, with each passing day we decide the smallest choices of what to eat and the largest decisions on whether or not to move, get a new job, or say yes to an engagement. But when do you know when to walk? 

We hold ourselves back because our fears and anxieties but will you continue to do what is safe or will you try a new method to your madness? You are the source of your happiness and the captain of your life, but if you allow others to be that source, if you allow old patterns to be your guide, what do you expect to get out of life? You can blame no one for your failures. You can blame no one for your losses, At the end of the day, you are your biggest cheerleader, so walk. 

No longer hold on to friendships you have had to rethink. No longer play the savior in a story that is not your own. No longer invest into others what you cannot give yourself. No longer set goals for who you want to be, but not do the work to get there. Who are you and what are you willing to do to get to the better version of you? 




Are you willing to walk?



Are you willing to question every possibility and get every possible answer? Are you willing to look in the mirror and reflect on yourself and your surroundings? What if the blessing you've been asking for isn't coming because you aren't ready to be ready?

Have you ever questioned your patterns or have you been complacent with "living your best life"?

What if your best isn't your best? 

If the world stopped today would you be happy with your product now? What if everything wrong in your life only occurred as a lesson to get you to understand that maybe your problems are your problems for a reason? Would you re-evaluate things then?

The new wave is self-care, but many of us don't actually know what that means. It's more than a shopping spree, or a night out, or even a night in. It's getting to know you in every aspect and how to be better. 

We keep our friends around for selfish reasons we don't want to admit. 

Some associate with the girls that get hundreds of likes on pictures or the socialites of campus, some surround themselves with people who we know will never be on our level, but that's okay because it makes me feel needed and better than what I really am. Some surround themselves with the idea of who they want others to think they are, but truly are not. But at the end of the day when your mentions aren't poppin' and your "friends" have powered off from their fantasy lives, who is left when there is only you?



Begin to walk.



Walk away from self-proclaimed connotations and the desire to be what you want others to think you are. 

I embrace every connotation people have of me because no matter what version of me you get, it's me. I can be selfish because I care too much and brutally honest because what I know and what you don't understand isn't to hurt your feelings but to save you from yourself. I am creative and in terms overly ambitious, but because I know me, what people say is never an issue. 



So begin to walk.


Begin to walk away from patterns, walk away from versions of people who don't reflect the best versions of you, begin to walk in the direction of success and achievement, not suppression. 

Your fantasy world will be your downfall. You can choose to ignore warning signs if that is what makes you most content, but what's the fun in fake growth and imaginary prosperity?