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Beauty on a Budget, From Her Campus Valdosta

Let’s face it: college is expensive, and being a female in college, life can seem to cost a fortune. Here are a few tips from the ladies here at Her Campus Valdosta State on how to stay beautiful without breaking the bank!
 No shampoo? No problem
Kira says: 
“[Try] baby powder in your hair for when you don’t feel like washing it! It absorbs excess 
oil… you just brush it in and it just dissolves by itself!”
 No cash NyQuil 
Kay says:
“Take a spoon, fill it with honey, about a teaspoon of vinegar and cayenne pepper… shots up!”
Hair driving you crazy?
Jazze says:
“Olive oil is good for hair and skin as a moisturizer.”
“Apple cider vinegar is good as a rinse for hair: 1/3 ratio mixing!”
“Coconut oil is the closest natural oil to the oils your body produces and it’s great for your scalp. I have eczema in my scalp and it helps with that. Now I don’t get it as badly!”
Want soft feet?
Put petroleum jelly on your feet and sleep in socks. Also, mayo can be used as a deep conditioning treatment! 
Face and lips
Other things we suggest:
“Brown sugar, olive oil & flour are good mask for facials. Keeps from having dry skin.”
“Brown sugar honey & olive oil mixed together is a good lip exfoliator.”
“I’ve made a face mask out of normal/original yogurt, cocoa powder, and honey. It should have a smooth consistency and kind of look like semi-thick whipped cream.”
No fluoride? No problem
A natural teeth whitener: mix baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, a little water & your regular toothpaste together and create a paste. Brush your teeth with it at least twice a week, eventually transitioning to once a month… it’ll start to whiten your teeth!
Shaving cream or a dream come true?
“1 cup of sugar, half a cup of canola oil. Shave your legs, then rub it all over. Use the razor to get off all the dead skin. Your legs will be feeling like Johnson’s baby oil! Gel works too.”
A few beauty tips..
The “matte” look:
Lauren says:
“I know some girls like matte lipstick, but don’t want to replace every one they have. So instead, you can put a thin piece of tissue over your lips and dab loose makeup powder over it to get the matte look. It blends right in and if you put your lips on something, the color won’t rub off! Also… baby powder over one coat of wet nail polish for matte nails.”
There you have it ladies! Try a few of these pain free remedies, see how it works for you, and let a Her Campus member know how you liked it! #HCXO.
"Grasp every second...live it fully,without regret,and then forget it" Hi, My name is Ama Dorsey. I am a junior Dance major here at The Valdosta State University. Aside from the love I give through movement, happiness finds its way to me through writing in the form of poetry,short stories and now articles. I also love to read and make others smile. Have a wonderful Now!
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