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Beauty Bloggers on YouTube You Need To Watch (WOC Friendly)

The YouTube beauty community is constantly growing, specifically the African-American beauty bloggers of the internet. Within the last few years, we started to notice more and more women of color appearing in the YouTube beauty world. Not only popular for posting beauty videos on the internet, but for educating and inspiring the population of African American women who share an obsession with YouTube. They have given us all a voice by relating with and informing us on natural hair care, beauty, fashion and skincare tips for women of color with darker skin tones and all other brown complexions. Here’s a list of a few of the most popular black beauty bloggers:


Kathryn Bedell
Kathryn is a 21-year-old, self-taught makeup blogger and college student. She has a flawless, deep chocolate brown complexion. Kat was born with the artistic gift to beat her face on camera. Subscribers also enjoy watching her storytime videos about the different experiences in her life worth sharing with the world. We cannot get enough of her! We thank her for blessing us with great makeup looks and tips every week.

Aaliyah Jay
Aaliyah Jay is a young self-taught makeup artist slaying all the way from New York. Aaliyah is a beauty blogger on YouTube who creates content about makeup and hair. She has become really well known in the black beauty community for her flawless makeup tutorials. She is also known for her laid inches and hair reviews.  She is very inspiring to young black women with her care free attitude. She is absolutely adorable with her NY accent standing at 4’11’’.

She is also known as Whitney, a natural hair care and lifestyle blogger. She has been giving us life with her amazing mane of hair since 2009. She started her channel with the intentions of uploading one video of her natural hair journey. The natural hair community subscribers were not having that; they insisted she keep her videos coming. Today, Whitney creates vlogs of her everyday life, informative natural hair tutorials and tips, and beauty and skin care videos. She has become a natural hair icon of the internet, as well as, every natural’s hair crush.

Smartista Beauty,
Also known as Bri Hall, she is a natural hair and beauty blogger. She is a 22-year-old college student who is very talente. She started out creating content about her hair three years ago, and subscribers fell in love instantly. Bri is most popular for her beginning videos of her hair journey, edgy natural hairstyles and hair inspo. From watching her videos, we can tell that she is smart, friendly, kind-hearted individual and she has great vibes.

Also known as, Jayla Koriyan, a young fashionista and the perfect example of beauty and brains. Jayla creates content about her college experiences and beauty. We love to watch her vlogs about her life, travels, drama and success. We also love her videos showcasing her closet (and shopping addiction). She has also recently published her own book called Pretty & Educated: A College Girl’s Guide to Everything that talks about everything a college girl would need to know.

They’re names are Kelsey and Kendra. They are gorgeous and widely known on the internet for their long, luscious, kinky-curly natural hair. They share a YouTube channel and create content that ranges from fashion, beauty and lifestyle. They also have a separate channel where they vlog their everyday life. Their videos consist of makeup, glam tips, natural hair care, product reviews and more. They have inspired many young women of the beauty community with a number of things. They were given the opportunity to write and publish a book called, The GlamTwinz Guide to Longer, Healthier Hair.

Also known as Shanice Crystal, a Caribbean beauty from Toronto. Shaneice is a young beauty blogger on YouTube who creates content about natural hair care, fashion, beauty and more. Hints her YouTube name, “naturalneiicey” the people began to love her because of her natural hair tutorials and hairspiration. As her channel grew, she began to blog her fashion with OOTD’s and lookbooks. She has a separate channel on YouTube where she vlogs weekly about her everyday life living in Canada and traveling.

Jackie Aina
She is a beautiful chocolate girl, who looks out for and inspires an overwhelming amount of women of color in the beauty world. She is a beauty blogger and creates content ranging from beauty, skin care, product reviews and much more. Her content is aimed to women of color out there who second guess their beauty because of their darker skin tones. Jackie has done a few collaborations with top makeup brands, but her latest Artist Couture collab introducing her highlight “LaBronze James” is so beautiful and perfect for every shade of brown. She also has a great personality and sense of humor, but then again her zodiac sign is a Leo so that explains enough!

Teaira Walker
She is a young beauty blogger who is well known for her beauty influence and her inspiring makeup tutorials and hair reviews. She is bomb with her fashion sense and ability to beat her face on camera for all of us to see, learn, and love. She decided to start her YouTube when she realized she was obsessed with makeup, hair and all things beauty.

JourneyTo WaistLength
Also known as Shanique, a young dedicated beauty blogger from Canada. Shanique creates content on YouTube about natural hair care, skin care and fashion. She is mostly popular for her informative and inspiring videos of her hair journey from long relaxed hair to mid-length healthy natural hair.

Also known as Laila,  sheis a Nigerian native living in the United Kingdom. Laila creates content showcasing her amazing natural hair journey, along with lifestyle videos. She is most famous for showcasing her amazing natural hair journey from transitioning hair to the big chop. Her haircare videos are very informative and inspiring. She easily became everyone’s hair crush with her flourishing kinky tresses and versatile hairstyles done by herself. Laila is eccentric with great vibes and the cutest British accent. She does a great job of showing the natural hair community that a natural hair is beautiful.

There are many, many more successful black beauty bloggers on YouTube. If I were to list them all we would be here for hours! Overall, it is great to see that the black beauty community is expanding tremendously. They are giving all women of color a voice in the world of beauty and we appreciate them.


Vivian Watley, also known as, Vee is a new member of Her Campus Valdosta State. She is a junior studying mass media and possibly soon to be a communication minor. As a current mass media student, Vee is still deciding on what specifically she wants to focus on. She enjoys creating YouTube videos and considers herself a natural hair enthusiast.
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