Be Your Own Best Friend Too!

Occasionally you meet people who is down about not having a lot of friends or any at all. One who always talk about they need a best friend or a friend period, not knowing they have the greatest person right in front of them when they look in the mirror lol.  Love yourself and trust yourself. The longest relationship you'll have in life is with yourself. Become your own best friend.

Girls mostly think about friends when it's time to do something. Go out alone and treat yourself! Learn how to be alone and learn how to keep yourself company. Take yourself on dates just because or once a week. Get to know yourself, maybe you'll find out a lot you've never known before. Definitely get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Do things for you! You have to live with yourself forever so become close with yourself. 

Praise yourself when others do not. Make yourself laugh. Laughter is always good and it'll be great if you learned to crack a smile or giggle a little when you've done something off the wall or very weird. Laugh instead of beating yourself up. Learn that no one is perfect but you're the perfect you, so accept your self, accept every single thing about yourself and do not try to change unless its for the better. You must support and comfort yourself. If you're down you do not need anyone to lift your head up. Pray and as a "regular" best friend will do, go out and make yourself feel better. It'll be great if you also always listen to your body as well. As a best friend you must treat them kindly, treat yourself with kind and listen to any problematic things your body may tell you. And never focus on the negative about yourself, again lift yourself up and think about the positive. Each day or every other day remind yourself cute little things or tell yourself things you love about you. Think about ways to improve your friendship with yourself. Write in your diary everything you want to tell other people and read it back like a child.

Being your own best friend will teach you to love, care, admire, and respect yourself so much. It'll make you so much happier accepting yourself for who you really are, give you opportunity to go out your way to try new things and find out new things about yourself. It will also give your room to understand who you truly are and your true potential. Best friends bring out the best in best friends, so you'll in fact bring out the best in yourself. And last but not least you'll be the closet to the person you have to spend your life with, you.