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Ballin’ on a Budget: Why Online Shopping is Best

So your rent and bills are paid, your grocery shopping is done, and you’re happy to see that you have some pocket change left over… So you decide to treat yourself. You consider going to the mall but can already tell you’ll ending up making snap decisions and spending way more than you planned. We’ve all been there before, the upbeat music of your favorite store along with the plethora of signs screaming “BOGO!” and “half off!” tends to end in walking out with empty pockets. But there is a solution, ladies! Online Shopping. You’ll be surprised how much more beneficial shopping on the web can be for your pockets than shopping in person. Here’s why:

You can look at it ALL.

Depending on the store and the amount of time you have on your hands, online shopping is the best way to check out the full inventory of a store. This is important because we often times see something cute and decide that it is what we want to buy, immediately. Online shopping gives you time to compare prices and make sure you’re finding the best value for the look you’re wanting.

You can set a price range.

One of the biggest reasons we end up spending tons of money in stores is because the things we like the most almost always end up being either overpriced or expensive. The beautiful thing about online shopping is that you can set a budget for yourself and only check out the items that fit your price range. It may be tempting to check out what else the store has to offer, but it really helps your pockets in the long run.

You can take your time OR come back later.

There is NO impulse decision making while online shopping. No but literally, manually inputting your card information and clicking through multiple “are you sure?” prompts can really keep you from doing something you don’t really want to. The awesome thing is, online stores are always open! You can come back and shop or purchase later that day or even tomorrow. Online stores offer the option of saving a cart for later so that you can give yourself some time to think or even save more money.

Now that you’ve found out some awesome reasons to choose shopping online, go ahead and get started!


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