Ballin' on a Budget - springbreak edition

It’s the most lit time of the year! The pressure of doing it for the gram can make you feel like if you lay low for Spring Break your lame and broke. Now, sometimes that is HALF TRUE! We all have had that feeling of getting a direct deposit and it being snatched away from us due to bills, college fees or L I F E J U S T H A P P E N S. So if you’ re still pondering if you want to take that risk to be a “Spring Breaker” let's see if these few tips can help you make up your mind.

Whether it be a concert to a remote location on the beach I’m going to share with you some tricks on how to make that check stretch.

Make a Budget and Stick to it.

As college students who are just figuring out adulthood it's hard to manage your money. Or think its even necessary to when the only person you have to take care of is yourself. So first before you even think of buying those 5 bathing suits you saw on Fashion Nova lets make a budget sheet. List all the expenses that you will have to contribute to because you never want to be that friend that is a freeloader. So make sure you have the minimum which means: gas money, hotel portion, valet parking, toll fees, groceries any money that you are required to pitch in order for the trip to run smoothly for the crew. After you do this then you can think about the extra things that come along when you arrive.


Hey, you don’t have to be an auntie to look into saving money. If you know someone who works at a hotel chain and has friends and family benefits USE IT. This can help the whole group and cut down expenses. Take the NON TOLL ROAD & charge your gas as credit. I know I know isn’t the whole point of this article to learn how to spend money you have the right way and not credit everything. Yes, but using gas to enhance your credit is one of the best ways to go. This type of charge is always a minimum and necessity.  Go grocery shopping as a group before you leave and collect all the penny-saving barcodes you find on the aisle. Food Stamps can also help if someone in the group is approved and already getting them throughout the year. P.S. Those who are 21+ buy your bottles before departure because people wait until this time of the year to upcharge for no reason at all.

Don’t overdo it

Yes, we are on spring break and you may think you “deserve” to splurge. Girl. Please stick to the script and understand you can not afford to return broker than how you left. Maybe get one trinket that will last and you will make the most out of. Just make sure you take photos while there so that your best memories are free. Plus, just because your friend Brianna is buying everything in sight doesn’t mean you can too boo. Brianna has 2 checks got her taxes back early and has a boyfriend that cash app’d her before she left. Everybody can’t be Brianna.

Have Fun and Live your Best Life

It’s your college years and sometimes if you don’t do it now you may not have a chance to in the future. So make sure your plate isn’t too full and you don’t overcommit yourself to anything or anyone you aren’t 100% sure about.