Artist Spotlight: Chance The Rapper

Chance the Rapper aka Lil Chano form 79th has been killing the rap game this year. From his collaboration with Kanye west on his newest album “Life of Pablo” to his photo shoots with GQ Magazine, to his very own most anticipated album “Coloring Book”. It's safe to say that the  23-year-old unsigned rapper has been doing his thing, and he’s finally getting  the recognition he deserves. His last mixtape “Acid Rap,” was such a masterpiece that his fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on his newest album to see what he’s been working on. His sound is so unique and unorthodox, and the fact that he incorporates God in his music sets him apart from many other artists today. I was able to see and experience his amazing talent at the Magnificent Coloring book Concert, and his performance was impeccable.

 Experiencing his amazing talent in person was truly a life changing experience. I was able to go to his concert last year when he wasn’t as popular as he is now and I must say both concerts were equally amazing; he was born to be a performer. When He sings you can feel the passion he has for what he does, and he truly does deliver. Chance provides his fans with musical sounds that are genius along with the ever so incredible Donnie Trumpet. No one can possibly duplicate his sound because of its uniqueness. Many artists in the game now are similar  because many of them have the same sound and make the same type of music. So to find someone as unique as chance; is truly a blessing for us listeners. Someone who isn’t afraid to be who they truly are is incredibly honorable. To have listened to chance before his newest album and to see him grow to be the artist he is today is an amazing feeling. Our hats go off to Chance the Rapper, a very unique rapper, who's out here changing the game.