The Art of Saying NO


Don’t Answer Right Away

Give yourself time to go back and assess whether you even have the capacity to take this on! Just let them know you’ll let them know tomorrow. Simple as that.

Think about what this could offer you

Is it going to benefit you in any way? I know this sounds selfish, but when you’re working through your super busy life and then top it off with something that has nothing to do with you? Girl, you’re inevitably not going to give it 100 percent because you don’t really care. Do yourself AND them a favor and just pass on the entire deal.

If you have to think about it for too long, then just say no.

If you really have no other reason than you just don’t want to, don’t allow people needing you to be an excuse to be guilted into saying yes. You don’t have to have an extreme reason for saying no. It can be simply that you don’t want to.

Allow yourself to be invested in things that matter to you and don’t feel bad about it, sis!