Are You A Homebody Or Just Boring?

Anyone that knows me, has accepted the fact that I don't like to go out. But they're exceptions. The regular club scene, where you have to spend $20 at the door (and that's before the skip the line fee), stand in one spot because it's too crowded, and be groped by strange guys while listening to early 2000 rap is not my idea of "fun". If you're a freshman in college I understand the desire to go out and adventure with your friends. But once you hit the second semester of your freshman year, the true homebody in yourself starts to take over. If you know you're a homebody, then welcome to the club. But if you're staggering between the homebody and boring label, come with me child. Let me show you the light.

1. When your friends ask you to come out with them you either:

A. Say no, and end up having a full night of pampering, self-love, and catching up on your favorite shows.

B. Say no, and end up regretting your decision of staying in, watch movies you've seen a dozen times, and constantly check your friends snaps to see them "get lit"

C. Say no, because you have decided you have nothing to wear, though there's another reason why you said no.


2. A cute guy you've seen in the student union asks you on an adventurous date of Kayaking with C.O.R.E. You either:

A. Decline the idea of the date, but instead plan a nice meal at home, with past episodes of Insecure, and "intellectual conversation".

B. Decline the idea of the date, and don't come up with an alternative, potentially ruining the chances you have with the guy.

C. Decline because this must be a joke right?


3. It's Homecoming! All of your friends are making plans of what parties to hit first and you start getting excited too. You either:

A. Start freaking out over the lack of outfits you have, but immediately start looking at Pinterest for ideas.

B. You become excited, but the hassle and expense of homecoming are too much. And "You ain't got time for it!"

C. Decided to just stay home during homecoming, because its not your "scene" and too many people give you anxiety.


4. You go home for the weekend and your family asks how schools going? Have you had any fun?

A. You say yes, because you've met a lot of friends, and love the new found "chill" group you met through an organization.

B. You say not really. You haven't really been out and nothing excited has happened.

C. You lie and say yes, you've been having a great time and met a lot of cool people.


Your friends finally confront you...and ask why you never go out with them. You must be hanging out with your "new" friends.


B. Because I just don't feel like going anywhere. I don't have fun when I go out.

C. You lie and say, I'm sorry guys. I haven't replaced you guys, I promise I'll go to the next party.



If you chose "A" most of the time chances are you're just a homebody. The club scene just isn't part of your steelo anymore and you could honestly do without it. You're not boring, you've just...grown up.

 If you chose "B" for the questions, you've probably just become comfortable and boring. Being boring is okay, but with everything it comes with some pros and cons. Don't become stuck in this state for too long or you'll end up bored and ALONE. Nothing is wrong with that, but you'll start to notice some friends begin to drift away from you. Maybe like you drifted from them. *cough.cough*.

If you chose "C" for most of the scenarios than maybe its time for you to do some soul searching. When you say no, there may be some hidden reasons behind your decision. Why do you feel like you can't go out? Why can't you have fun anymore? Maybe talking to someone about these reasons will help you find an answer. It doesn't always have to be professional help, talking to a friend you completely trust can help you more than you know.

From personal experience, I see myself between "A" and "C". I never really wanted to go out because I always have fun plans that includes myself only, and another reason was because of self-confidence issues. I believed that nobody wanted to see me with a group of pretty girls and I just stand their, awkward, and sticking out like a sore thumb. And I'm still working on that to this day. Remember, don't let anyone pressure you into something you don't want to do. Even if its your friends.