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Are You Beach Ready? Best Swimsuit Choices for Spring Break 2015

Warm weather, road trips, and the beach: Spring Break is right around the corner so, are you beach ready? We all want that perfect bathing suit that fits us! Here are some tips and popular styles that will have you looking amazing while you’re on your spring vacation!

Sexy One-Piece

One-piece bathing suits sound boring but they are the exact opposite! The trick is to not just get a plain one piece, but one with straps, cut outs, or a deep V-neck that enhances and shows off your curves! You can be sexy without revealing too much skin and feel comfortable and confident while doing it.

The Sporty Look

For all the girls who love being sporty, you can achieve this look on the beach too! Two-piece bathing suits with tops that resemble a sports bra, but have a deeper V-neck or mesh are definitely in style! They achieve the perfect “sporty chick” look, and are an awesome choice if you have a bigger bust!

Fringes and Strapless

If you have a small bust and want a swimsuit that will give a more enhanced look, fringes and strapless push-ups are the way to go! Fringes on regular triangle tops, or even strapless tops add to and define your bust shape. They also give off a boho/hippie look!


Swimsuit bottoms are also very important in completing your swimsuit look. I personally love cheeky bottoms! They give the perfect amount of cheek and cover. If you want to add a little more to your booty, bottoms that have ruffles, just like tops, enhance and add to your shape! If you want to cover up your lower stomach and a little more on your bottom, high waist bottoms are perfect and stylish for this!


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