Is Anyone Still an Individual?

Conformity in Society

Individuality comes in many different forms, however, society is forever scrutinizing to strip us of our differences. Society would like to paint the “perfect picture” of humanity when in reality this “perfect picture” instills conformity. Conformity is much greater than physical appearance, this influence impacts areas that range from life choices to personal acceptance. An individual who chooses not to conform is a threat to the system in place due to the fact that this non-uniform choice may elicit a more successful outcome. This, in turn, causes a chain reaction of others questioning the system as well. Conformity is utilized as a simple tool of mind control that makes individuals feel as if something is wrong when things do not align. Our society is not accepting of lifestyles that are not seen to be the norm and this intolerance is derived from the inability to accept anything that is not understood.


What Factors Influence Conformity?

Normative Influence

The desire to fit in and be liked by others is the root of normative influence. Fears of being rejected may drive an individual to conform in public, but these same individuals reject the decisions they made in public privately. Peer pressure is a prime example of normative influence in the sense that the individual steers from his or her own beliefs to seem favorable to others.  

Informative Influence 

When an individual is in an ambiguous situation and lacks the knowledge to determine the solution on his or her own, a social comparison of their behaviors with others may be the outlet for guidance. This tactic is driven by the desire to be correct and encourages individuals to accept the views of the group as well as adopt these views as their own.

The Revolution

         Conformity has been the most favored route in the past generations, however, we are the generation to do away with it. Individualism and self-reliance are the new topics of discussion. 

This revolution has been sparked to place emphasis on accepting the many differences that may lay between individuals. These differences are what lay the foundation for evolution.  - HCXO