An Ambivert's Tips for Making Friends on Campus

An ambivert is someone that has the mindset/mannerisms of both extroverted and introverted personalities. Having this personality type can often leave you in an awkward spot when trying to make friends. Your extroverted traits give you the urge to be social, but your introverted traits make it hard for you to leave your room. If you’re like me, you came to Valdosta State University not knowing a single person. If this is your situation and you don’t know where to start in the friend making process, here are some tips that helped me make the great group of friends I have today.

Go to free events

Once you finally convince yourself to get out of your bed and put some pants on, go get some free stuff! On campus events and socials are made for students to socialize. I’ve met a lot of people at cookouts on the Palms quad, gallery openings in the Fine Arts building and homecoming events hosted every fall. So go out and earn a free t-shirt and create a friend!


Join a Club


I was very hesitant to do this step my freshman/sophomore year but honestly, it's a multiple win situation. Joining an organization puts you in a social space with like-minded people AND can help you network and participate in something you love. I'm in two organizations now because friends asked me to join with them, and since joining I have branched out and made new friends that mean just as much to me.


Actually talk to people in your classes


This is a step I’m still working on personally. I'm an Interior Design Major and I speak to everyone in my program with ease every day. But in classes like Organismal Bio and World Lit. I don't feel the need to talk to anyone. Don’t be under the assumption that you can't make friends with someone in a lecture. Study friends can easily be converted into real friends.


VSU is full of different people and personalities, so even if you're shy, or weary of talking to people, you’ll be able to find someone who accepts those traits and will love you all the same.