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8 Things Mixed Girls Have Struggled With

While being the best of both worlds is great… I think all mixed girls can agree that there are times in life when things aren’t easy!

ALWAYS sticking out in family functions

It’s Christmas at your grandparents’ or the annual family reunion, but no matter what (or on what side of the family) you can always spot yourself in the family picture!

Going through products A to Z trying to figure out what works best for your hair. 

Thank the heavens that now there are products that are more catered to different types of curly hair. But remember the younger you; that little girl with proofy hair who only had a bottle of LA hair gel and hairspray.  Times were tough!

“Hola Mami!!!! Hablas Español?”

And then you look like ^^^.

Never finding the right foundation color.

The struggle is real! Foundations are always too light or too dark. It’s so hard to find a shade that suits a diverse skin tone. 

Going through an epiphany in elementary school when you had your first standardized test

I think we all remember the first time we were asked to bubble in our race. And then we were just left there thinking, “Am I African American? Am I White? I guess I’m other… Wait, what is other?!” 

Always getting awkwardly (& rudely) asked “What are you?”

Umm, human? It never fails. Some people could be a little less obnoxious about it. I mean, I have two eyes, a mouth, and arms… take a wild guess. 

Having to explain to the cashier that you’re with your mom or dad when you’re in line to buy something

Yupp… I’m with her. 

Having to deal with people telling you what you are

“You’re not black enough!” “You’e not white enough!” We’ve all gone through that awkward stage in life when we’re figuring out what we identify with. But you are who you are, and you can’t change that. 

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