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8 Spring Break Nail Colors

With spring break coming up, of course we want our nails and toes to be on FLEEK! We know how hard it is choosing a nail color – standing there for ten or more minutes picking up several different colors, and end up with the color you first picked up! Let us help make your color decision a little less stressful by giving you these fun color suggestions from OPI’s Hawaii Collection that scream “I’m ready to party!”

1. Is Mai Tai Crooked?

A fruity orange with a creme finish. The perfect color to bring out a tan!

2. That’s Hula-rious!

If bright colors aren’t your thing, no worries! Cool down with this pastel mint green such as this one. It’s fresh and springy!

3. Aloha From OPI

A fiery coral color that won’t go unnoticed!

4. My Gecko Does Tricks

A brighter green than the previous one, that’s bound to remind you of palm trees and cute little creepy-crawly things we find by the beach.

5. Pineapples Have Peelings Too!

For those who are a little more sassy with a lot of sparkle, this is the color for you! This golden yellow matches the sunshine we expect on those days spent by the ocean!

6. Suzi Shops & Island Hops

Of course we couldn’t give you color suggestions without giving you some pink! Be pretty in pink next week with this baby pink!

7. Lost My Bikini in Mokolini

An electric purple that’s reef inspired and to die for!

8. This Color’s Making Waves

With hints of shimmer in it, this blue is as cool and inviting as the ocean is. The name speaks for itself!

Find more of the OPI Hawaii Collection colors here!


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