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8 Perks to Having Small Boobs

A few months ago I had accepted the fact that my B-cup (although I sometimes think I may have A-cup) are not going to get any bigger and I am okay with that. Now, I’m not going to lie, I do have my moments where I wished I had bigger boobs but most of the time I love my small boobs especially the perks of having them. According to Buzzfeed, here are 8 perks to having small boobs!

1.  You can easily go braless and no one would notice!

Probably my favorite perk because I love how my boobs get to breathe.

2.  Sheer shirts look good on you!

They really do! I’ve tried it and I love it!

3.  You can wear any type of bra from a push up to a casual lace one!

Ahhhhh the many choices depending on my mood!

4. You can run in thin sports bra.

THIN! I repeat THIN!!! Don’t go for those sports bras that hug on tightly to your boobs. Those aren’t good for small or big boobs!

5. People keep their eyes on your face.

It’s true! One of my best friends has really big boobs and my eyes from her eyes to her boobs and back and forth. I’m just so fascinated how she has massive boobs and has offered to offer some of her boobs to me. You know, because it’s generous.

6. Almost any bikini top works for you.

True that!

7.  Bandeaus look awesome on you!

Especially if you’re wearing a low cut top with it!

8. You can wear camis with built in bras.

Yeah… or you can go braless but that’s just my preference.



I'm Jessie Thomas, a junior in college. I'm a fun loving girl who loves music and fashion! Someday I hope to be successful in the entertainment industry.
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