7 Ways To Stay Organized and Motivated While Taking Online Courses

Taking online courses can be stressful. There's so much work to finish, and you can't keep up with what's due dates. Here are some tips to keep you motivated and organized while taking online courses.

1.I highly recommend a wall calendar. At the beginning of every month, take some time to write down all your assignments on a sticky note and post them on your calendar. It helps you balance out what you can do on certain days. As the days pass, throw away the sticky note, and that's a way to motivate yourself to do more.

2. Takes some breaks. Essays/ Papers can take all day to do, and sitting in front of a computer isn't healthy. You have to take small breaks throughout the assignment, so your brain can breathe. Walk outside or eat some food. It will relieve stress and boost your energy.

3. Get out of your room! You should go somewhere that eases your mind. You don't have to stay at your desk. As long as you have WiFi, study outside. Get some fresh air. Staying in your room can be depressing. As I walk the campus of Valdosta State, I see some people on a hammock with their computers.


Make your desk area cozy. Add pillows to your seat and have some pictures of your family/vision board around your desk. Being homesick can make you unmotivated to do your work. You should put some photographs or your vision board around your desk can remind you why you're in school. bullet journal Estée Janssens

5. Find a study group. Being in a study group will motivate you because you will realize you're not the only one. Not only will you make friends, but the assignments can also be portioned out, so the tasks can be more manageable. 

6. Motivational Quotes. Post some motivational quotes around your desk. There's an app called "Motivation-Daily Quotes," where it sends you a quote every day. It doesn't have to be for schoolwork. If you're having a bad day, these quotes will uplift your day. 

7.Reward yourself. Award yourself for your small accomplishments. For example, if I have a lot of work this week, I know I will be busy trying to get a hold of all of my work. When I finish a week worth of work, I reward myself with sweets or a movie night.