7 Things You've Probably Experienced on VSU's Campus

*leaves house extra early *can't find parking space *is late to class

1. Getting lost in Nevins Hall

Picture it: it's halfway through the semester, you're already five minutes late to class and you've just passed the same poster three times trying to find that obscure hallway in the maze.

2. Searching for an empty room in Odum

It's fine. We didn't want to study in your fancy glass box with your fancy computers and your fancy chairs. We know what happened to Beck when Joe put her in there! 

3. Missing the bus by two seconds

4. Using dining dollars to buy everything but food

It's scary how rough you're willing to look stumbling into Langdale Market five minutes before close when you've run out of toilet paper or tampons.   

5. Playing the "Will I find a parking space today?" game

And eventually parking in the Kingdom of Far Far Away because you cannot afford another ticket. 

6. Getting dress coded by the rec staff

No, I will not go back home and change clothes. I will, however, flaunt this crop top all the way to Chick-fil-A to get a milkshake. 

7. Eating Palms' mashed potatoes

Because there's nothing else on campus that can make you feel more at home.