7 Pieces of Advice for Freshmen.

Move-in Day and the first day of classes are sure to be some of the most memorable moments you have in college, simply because they are your introduction to university life; and while the first couple of days are full of parties and loud fun, to me it still was not what you watch in the movies; I was a bit disillusioned once I got here and dove headfirst into the work. So to pass the knowledge and hopefully save the next girl, here are 7 pieces of advice for freshmen:

  1. Organization is key: I'm a pretty unorganized person, but there is still a way to survive. The average course load is five classes and to manage that you will need to have some sort of organizational tactic. I choose to use a planner, the one on my phone doesn't work well enough for me, so I choose to have a physical one. Many people say that writing things down helps you remember them and has been the case for me. Mark all of your important events from all of your syllabi in your planner, and keep track of your homework.
  2. Computers are your lifeline: If you live on campus, or even off-campus, the library is going to be your best friend. If not for the computers (and the programs you're too poor to afford) then for the fast wifi, silence, and access to snacks while you're studying. Unlike high school, in college a vast majority of your classwork is online, so if you don't have a computer make it your business to take a trip to the library.

3. Keep your work: Currently, I have a 128 GB flash drive that houses all of my papers and classwork, but since I am going into my junior year I will need to upgrade to an external hard drive. Keeping your work saved on a flash drive or external hard drive ensures all your schoolwork is in the right place, and unlike Google drive or Onedrive you do not need internet to store and access these files. These storage devices are often something we forget about, but they are a life-saver in college.

4. Class Essentials: Everyone knows grade school essentials, but college essentials are a tad different. You don't need anything in class apart from some pens, paper, a light jacket, and a reusable water bottle to make it through the day. Dress in layers, because different buildings are different temperatures. 

5. Schedule Smart: Everyone is different, and everyone can divide their time up in different ways. Be sure to set a schedule you can actually follow. Personally, I take all my core classes online; and doing that makes it easier for me to pass those classes because I fall asleep in lectures. Know what works best for you, and don't schedule an 8 am class if you're not a morning person.

6. Homework is mandatory: I didn't do homework for many years in my academic career; however, in college all assignments are mandatory. Everything counts towards your overall grade, and you can't afford to have those points towards your final letter grade; So be sure to complete and turn in all of your assignments on time. 

7. Talk to your Professors: I know, some of us have issues with authority (namely me) but talking to your professors and making sure they know your face makes it easier to come to your professor if there is an issue with grading; Once you've had that initial conversation, introducing yourself, it will be more comfortable to have a conversation later down the line whether it be that you're having a difficult time, or if you need a letter of recommendation.