7 Interesting Facts About the Vagina

The vagina is an interesting part of the female body, but I’m pretty sure you already knew that. But do you know everything about your vagina? There are thousands of weird, fascinating, and funny facts about the vagina. Here are just 7 out of the thousand interesting facts about your vagina!

1. The Vagina Is A Self Cleaning Machine

No need to shower the inside of your vagina with water and soap. Your vagina already does the cleaning for you! It’s called discharge, which can come before and after your period. The discharge is usually clear, whitish, stretchy, thick, and odorless. If the discharge is yellow, green, or itchy then that can be a sign of infection. If you have an infection, you should go see your doctor ASAP.


2. Each vagina has its own particular smell.


Just because your best friend’s vagina smells like grapefruit and yours smells like strawberries, it doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with your vagina. There are a lot of reasons why one woman’s vagina is different from another woman’s. Some of the reasons include: the food one consumes, hygiene, how much a woman sweats, etc.


3. Free The Vagina!


Sometimes a vagina can smell like a brand new fresh garden and other times it can smell a little funny and funky. This could be due to the fact that you’re not wearing cotton underwear or just wearing tight jeans or shorts. Sometimes your vagina just needs some fresh air to breathe. Go underwear free, I promise you it will be a breeze.


4. The vagina farts

You can actually fart through your vagina, it’s called queefing. Queefing is when the vagina sucks in air and the blows it back out, therefore making the fart like noise. Thankfully, it’s totally odorless.


5. Women get boners too

Yep, you read that right! But don’t read too much into it. Our vaginas don’t just lift up and expand like the penis, but God do they do expand. When turned on, the vagina can expand up to 200%.


6. The nerve ending clitoris

Ever wonder why your clit becomes really sensitive while diddling the skittle (clitoral stimulation)? It’s because the clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings. This is probably the reason why a clitoral orgasm is so intense.


7. A confident vagina brings you to bigger and better orgasms


It’s no secret that confidence looks really good on a person, but did you know confidence feels when it comes to your orgasm? When you throw out all the insecurities concerning your vagina out the window, orgasms are bigger and better.