7 Annoying Things Professors Do

Certain types of professors can either make or break a class. You may get the "boring easy A" professor or the "difficult for no reason" professor that makes you settle for a C! Either way, every professor has their flaws. Here are some of the most annoying things professors do that annoys us to no end.

1. When they take too long to grade assignments: We stress ourselves out for weeks, not knowing what we got on the exam we took forever ago!

2. When they don’t answer their email in a timely manner: It sucks when you have questions about assignments and professors take two weeks to respond to your email, especially when you procrastinate and the assignment is due soon!

3. Cancelling class and not sending an email: Professors make us wake up and drag ourselves to campus in the wee hours of the morning, just for us to get to the door and see the “Class Cancelled” sign.

4. When they give an exam completely different from the study guide: You’ve practically memorized the study guide verbatim and you get the test and it looks like it’s in another language…

5. When they don’t let you bring your laptop/tablet to class: The worst professors are the ones that don’t let you use any electronics in the classroom. These happen to be the most boring professors that have that monotone lecture voice that naturally puts you to sleep.

6. When you finish the material early, but they still don’t let you out early: The lecture powerpoint is on its last slide with 30 minutes left of class. You think you’re getting out early until your professor pulls up a new lecture powerpoint…

7. When they don’t give extra credit or round up your grade: We all hate when our grade is .000000000009 points from an A and your professor doesn’t want you to be great..