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We love them so much, mostly because we’ve all been one.

1. They have that lanyard around their neck we all got at orientation.

There’s no way anyone still knows where those are after freshman year. You’re definitely a freshman, dude.


2. They think Palms tastes amazing.

Okay, I’m pretty sure most freshmen don’t think this. However, on the off chance that someone does, he or she is probably a freshman.


3. They’ve never heard of Rate My Professors.

And if you aren’t a freshman and have never heard of Rate My Professors, boy must it suck to be you.


4. They go to parties and act an absolute fool.

You’re not used to the freedom yet, huh? Ah, give it a year.


5. They’re in the Book Store—get this!—actually buying books.

Yeah, most of us learned our lesson on that. Unless you’re balling like that. Then ball on, playa.


6.  They’re always on campus, and they’re LOUD.

This was all of us at one point or another our freshman year. They’re always on campus because they live there, and they’re always loud because, well, they live there. We’re just innocent bystanders, this is their turf. You mustn’t forget, upperclassmen.

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