6 Ways to Save Money

The time has come where it is getting close to Christmas. During these times, money might be tight due to the whole Covid-19 pandemic because some people are having a hard time finding work or scared to work because of becoming sick. It has become important for many to save money because of bills and the holiday season that is approaching us. Many might be thinking of putting a gift list together for their close ones. Staying on a budget is important because you might want to be able to get every close-family member or friend a gift for Christmas. Here are six ways to save money, rather it's saving money for the holidays are just bills that are around the corner because we all know money don't grow or trees!


1. Eat out less

Yes, this can be hard for some, especially for those who consider themselves not such a great cook or don't know much about cooking. When you eat in, you are more likely to save money, because lets’ be real eating out is expensive.

2. Avoid unnecessary bills

Yes, we have important bills. We have necessary bills like light bills and water bills but when it comes to unnecessary bills like TV subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, or any other bills that are not necessities it’s best to hold out on those types of things.

3. Carpooling

Carpooling can be a great way to save money. You can save gas by driving with a friend or coworker or classmate. You guys both can go half on gas, which can save the trouble of filling a car up every week.

4. Shop smart

When shopping, try to buy items that are on sale. It's always great to catch a sale going on. Almost all food stores have discount items during the holiday seasons

5. Find a side hustle

With your free-time use it wisely so you can have a side hustle. For example, if you're the only one in the neighborhood who is known for making items like candles or whatever you are good at making a profit off of it. If you feel like you have discovered what you're good at walk the neighborhood dogs for cash or babysit if you love children. There are so many ways you can come up with a side hustle just make sure it's something you love and can do to make a positive impact in your life.

6. Save your change

Even if you feel it's just a penny, a penny can come a long way when you save, because those pennies add up. Every cent counts!

person holding $100 Dollar bills Photo by Alexander Mils from Pexels  

When you save up your money, you will see shopping for holidays gifts will not be stressful. Even if you are not saving money up for the holidays you can just have money on the side in case something comes up like an emergency. It's always good to have money in the bank for emergencies because life sometimes throws curve balls at you from time to time.