6 Ways to Make the Best of Your Winter Break

As the school year comes to an end, many may make their way back to their hometown while others may have to stay in town to work. It is nothing wrong with staying behind and working, but sometimes it can get boring. Going to work and then back home can become a bit tedious after a while if you ask me. Why should it have to be boring? All work and no play is a little played out, wouldn’t you agree? So, spice things up a little and make the best of your time. You’re already disappointed that you can't make it home for the break so, don't be bored make the best of it. Grab a few friends and test out these party/bonding themes.

1. Ugly sweater party

Everyone wants to look their best when going to a party or any event at that. So, why not put a spin on things and do the complete opposite? Have an ugly sweater party! We all need an excuse to put on whatever and not care what we’re wearing, right? And plus you won’t be the only one rocking that hideous sweater.

2. Bonfire

Bonfires are tons of fun, and now is the perfect season to have a bonfire gathering. You get to roast marshmallows, eat delicious S’mores, keep warm around the fire, and most importantly enjoy good vibes and great conversation.


3. Netflix and chill

Netflix and chill doesn’t only have to be for you and your significant other.  It’s a great excuse to invite over some friends, grab some food and drinks and have a good old fashioned movie day.


4. Pajama party

Remember when we were kids and we had pajama parties or at least wanted to have or attend one? Well, why not throw a pajama party with an adult spin. It’s a perfect way to get your friends together and just kick back have a few drinks and laughs, and of course have a great time.

5. Family Feud

Have you ever watched Family Feud and always dreamed of being on the show, because you just knew your family would win? Well now’s your chance to bring that dream to life and have your own Family Feud with your friends. You won’t get to meet Steve Harvey, but that beside the point. Write up some questions gather some friends, create teams, and play!


6. Disney movie day

Almost every kid grew up watching Disney’s classic movies. Now that we’re adults does that mean we have to let it go and stop watching it? The answer is no, in fact creating a whole day out of watching Disney movies is the perfect bonding event. Release your inner child and binge watch those classic Disney movies you grew up watching.