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6 Things We Love For Our Guys to Do

Most people say it’s the little things that matter the most, but what exactly are those things? For us ladies there are certain gestures of affection that really get our hearts racing or tell us you love us without even saying! Below are a few things we all love ohhh so much.

1. Hugs From Behind

There’s nothing like a surprise hug from behind to brighten up your day! I don’t know about you ladies but these really make me smile, partially because I’ve been scared to death but in a I’m so glad it you kind of way.

2. Forehead Kisses 

Nothing truly says I love you like a forehead kiss. So warm and so full of love and promises.

3. Finger Traces

When you’re laying down with your S.O. and they run their fingers across your skin it seems to have a lot more meaning than just touching. It’s almost a dainty and delicate way to say “I care about you” that tickles but is comforting all in the same breath.

4. Bear Hugs

Bear hugs are all encompassing, all consuming, and instantly melt away any worries you may have had. They are perfect for the days when words aren’t soothing enough. One bear hug a day keeps the stress away!

 5. Playing With Your Hair

Okay ladies, we know all too well just how good it feels to have someone gently play in your hair; it’s almost unexplainable! It lulls you to sleep within a matter of minutes or relaxes you immediately while giving you and your significant other the feeling of bonding. 

6. Cuddling 

Oh the joy you get from being totally enlaced around someone you love! Touching is an efficient way to communicate and cuddling does just that. It allows you to focus solely on one another and your relationship, which is probably why we love it so much! The body heat and the closeness make really intimate moments you’ll treasure forever.

While there are tons of things we love for our guys to do, these rank among some of the most special ones.


I'm Felicia Burnett! I am a sophomore at Valdosta State University. My major is Exercise Physiology but I have a deep passion for writing!
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