6 Things Girls With Small Boobs Can Relate To

Having small boobs can be a blessing and a curse. Some days you love them and other days you wish they were bigger. Here are 6 things girls with small boobs can relate to!


1. No Bra Today!

It’s what girls with big boobs envy: the choice of wearing a bra or not. Girls with small boobs have the option of not wearing a bra because the girlies (aka boobs) don’t sag. And depending on what kind of shirt you’re wearing, no one can never really tell if you went braless.

2. Even The Mannequin Has Bigger Boobs Than Me!

It really sucks when you try on the cute blouse you saw the mannequin in and it doesn’t look good on you as it did on the mannequin. If this were a segment of who wore it best, the mannequin won.  


3. I Wanna Go Big, Not Go Home

Almost every girl with small boobs has special bra she saves for special occasions. Whether she’s looking to impress someone or has a new dress she wants to wear to fancy event… she’ll pull out the push-up bra. The bra that helps her girlies appear bigger than what they really are.

4. False Advertisement

There’s this feeling of nervousness that some girls with small boobs get when they get naked in front of a new guy the first time… especially if they’ve been wearing a push-up bra the whole time since they’ve known the guy. It’s the fear of being accused of false advertisement since the girlies aren’t that big and your guy couldn’t wait to try a sex move on your boobs that’s only really meant for girls with big boobs. Ooopps.

5. Sports Bras Just Suck

Whether you have big boobs or small boobs… sports bras hurt therefor they suck! Sports bras for girls with small boobs just compress your boobs. As if you weren't feeling flat chested all ready.

6. When A Jerk Wants To Come For Your Little Girlies

When a guy you rejected or a petty ex-boyfriend tries to diss your small boobs, the joke’s on them! Your boobs are small and you love them just the way they are… well, most days, but they don’t need to know that.