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6 Struggles of Having a RBF

RBF also known as “resting bitch face” is a phrase used to describe people who naturally “look mean, sad, or judgmental.” If you suffer from RBF you know the struggles we encounter on a day to day basis. You could be having a great day, and for some reason your face doesn’t register that. You end up looking like you’re pissed at the world and you hate your life, when it’s the exact opposite. I’ll be the first to admit that having RBF is no fun. Check out the many things that people with RBF have to endear everyday!

People always think something is wrong with you

If you have RBF you know exactly how annoying it is for people to constantly ask you if you’re ok especially when you’re having a really great day.

You may be happy on the inside, but it doesn’t show on the outside

You may be having a great day, but you’re RBF prevents you from showing it off to the world. So basically people think you’re always pissed.

People think you’re stuck-up and unapproachable

People always tend to steer clear of you, because they think that you’re the meanest person in the world. When in actuality you’re one of the really nice ones. Sorry people its just my RBF!

It’s hard to go out and make new friends

Meeting new friends is completely out of the question.

People automatically think you’re judging them

People constantly feel threatened by you’re appearance no matter how hard you try they think you’re judging them.

People are always telling you to smile

Everytime you pass someone they tell you to smile.Not knowing that you’re smiling on the inside, and the face you were making was your happy face.


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