6 Signs of Abuse to Watch Out for

According to DomesticViolence.org, Domestic violence is defined as behaviors used by one person in a relationship to control another. Domestic violence can be both physical and mental; it's one of the leading causes of death among women according to HuffPost. Abuse can happen anywhere and to anyone; this is why it's important to know the early signs of abuse. Abusers are often undetectable in a regular setting. They may appear as well mannered, friendly people but behind closed doors, they could be the complete opposite. If you're worried that you or someone around may be dealing with an abuser, here are 6 early signs of abuse to watch for. 


1. Pressure to Commit  

According to NewHopeforWomen.org, Abusers like to move quickly. They will pressure their victims into serious commitments early on in the relationship. If he/she is badgering you to get engaged, move in together or make any huge decisions too soon, chances are something's up. 




2. Constant Questioning  

According to HuffPost, an abuser will become very concerned with you and your personal life. They will need to have constant contact with you and become upset enraged if you don't return their texts/phone calls immediately.



3. Won’t own up to their actions NewHopeForWomen.com states that abusers often blame others for their problems in order to alleviate themselves from any wrongdoings. They assume others are always out to get them or trying to ruin the relationship. They're good at playing the victim role and will manipulate their partner into believing them.




4.Low Self-Esteem/Jealousy  

 An abuser will become jealous of anyone you come in contact with and will demand all of your attention. They will make you feel guilty for not abiding by their rules and will find ways to punish you for it.



5.Controlling behavior 

Abusers will begin to dictate who you can hang out with and how long you can stay out with your friends. They will trick you into believing that they only act out because they care for you and want you to be safe. According to NewHopeForWomen, The abuser will take on financial responsibility for both parties which will allow them to control their victims more easily.




6. Intrusive Behavior


They will start to become overly involved in your personal life. Frequent pop ups will become more and more common. You may start to feel like there's nowhere you can hide without feeling like someone is watching you. abusers will work to isolate you from your friends and family by making themselves your only source of communication. 



If you're a victim of domestic violence and you need help, please call 1-800-799-SAFE to speak with advocates who can provide you with the help you need.