6 Reasons Not To Go Down On Him

Almost everybody knows the way of life: when you give, you will receive... this especially applies in the bedroom. But sometimes you don’t want to give, you just want to receive. And other times you just simply don’t want to give… PERIOD.  Us girls and guys sometimes feel the pressure to go down on a guy. And sometimes we can’t ever find the best excuse to get out of it. Here are five ways to get out of going down on a guy.

1. Just Brushed

When you already spent about five minutes brushing your pearly whites, nothing else is going in your mouth after that. Except for water… water is safe.

2. Mouth Hurts

If your guy usually says you talk too much, this is the perfect excuse to get out on going down on him. You’ve been talking all damn day and just like your body, your mouth needs to rest as well. And speaking of rest…

3. You’re Tired

You want to give him the best head ever, but you’re just way too tired. Just convince him that you’re doing him a favor by not going down on him tonight.

4. You’re Still Mad At Him For Something Stupid He Did

Okay, so you’re not still mad at him for that stupid thing he did, but it’s a great ass excuse!

5. You’ve Been Doing All The Work Lately

Lately, you’ve been giving and haven’t been receiving and that’s just rude. Tell him it’s his turn to do all the mouth work tonight.

6. You Simply Just Don’t Want To

Most of us just go down on our guys simply because it just pleases them sexually. But in all honesty, that’s the ONLY reason why most of us do it. And sometimes we’re just not up for it.