6 Nostalgic Cartoons We Can't Forget

Nostalgic Cartoons

Growing up as a 90's baby has its privileges, especially in the cartoon world! We've all taken a trip down memory lane with hopes of adulting being as easy as the old days. Well cue the nostalgia, because these cartoons have a special place in our childhood! 


     These fourth graders made it their mission to protect the kids of the playground! The playground is ruled by a monarch under the control of King Bob who enforces unwritten laws that become the social norms. As a child, this show was pretty amazing because it gave us kids a sense of power. T.J., Ashley, Mikey, Vince, Gus and Gretchen were the kids to never conform. They understood what they believed in and always took a stand.


Dexter's Laboratory

     Dexter made it look easy to create world-saving inventions out of thin air. I would say the greatest problem he faced was his patience around his big sister Dee-Dee. Dee-Dee was the idealistic sibling who wrecked everything great in Dexter's life. I can't forget to mention Mandark and his iconic laughing episode, classic!


Hey Arnold!

     We've watched this fourth grader with the football shaped head take on adventures with his friend Gerald. These two made a dynamic duo that introduced us to their lives in the city of Hillwood, New York. Arnold was the problem solver who always found himself fixing new situations. 


Ed, Edd, n Eddy

     These three guys were as clueless about life as young boys could get. As children, we dreamed of being this free! Their three completely different personalities made for countless adventures and summertime scams.


Courage the Cowardly Dog

     Paranoia problems ruled the mind of this anxious dog! However, his owners never took the time to hear Courage out. Time after time, Courage saved his owners from what appeared to be danger, even when he was scolded for doing so. We still love you Courage!


Kim Possible 

    Kim Possible looks like the average high-school cheerleader to most, but little did her peers know, she saved the world from supervillains as one of her hobbies. Her best friend, Ron Stoppable, and his naked mole rat, Rufus, trailed along unconventionally getting Kim out of sticky situations from time to time.


I hope this trip down memory lane was the perfect procrastination tool! How many of these shows have an important place in your childhood?