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6 Fall Fashion Trends

Who else is excited about fall? I know I am. No more sweating buckets as soon as you walk out of the house, yay! Now it's time for the crisp air, seasonal Starbucks drinks, Halloween, and some of our favorite fashion trends.


Beanies are so understated in my opinion and somewhat forgotten - but they are making a comeback. They are so cute, with their cute little puffball on top. Beanies are good for keeping your head warm while adding a little something extra to your outfit for the day. 


Boots!! Don't even get me started on boots, they are my all-time fave. There are so many different kinds, I couldn't even name them all: knee-high or bootie, sexy or casual, rain or duck...the list goes on and on. No one style is superior, they are all great, especially for fall. 


A scarf during the fall season is one of the cutest fall accessories a girl could wear. It helps keep you warm in that morning air, while also keeping you stylish. And you can't forget to pair it with our next fall trend.


Flannel, flannel, and more flannel! Your girl could never get tired of a nice, soft flannel (I'm especially a sucker for the classic red and black). Flannel shirts in my opinion are like people, they are all different and have their own personality (LOL). Some are cutesy, paired with a cute pair of leggings and high boots; while others might be more casual, thrown together with a pair of jeans and sneakers. I could wear flannel all fall long TBH y'all, there's just sooo many combinations and it never gets old.


Ahh, cardigans. Now I know that whenever you hear cardigan, the new T Swift song probably pops into your head, but that's not what we're talking about here. I mean a real cardigan - the cozy, soft kind that you just want to cuddle up in. These make for the best sweaters to wear to your fall classes because come on let's get real - those college classrooms are COLD. Check out @jessiescloset on Instagram for some pre-owned, sustainable fall clothing for affordable prices!


Now I know some of you might be thinking, wouldn't cardigans and sweatshirts be in the same category? NO! Sweatshirts are totally different. These are your basic sweatshirts, whether they be your hoodies or crewnecks that you just throw on to cover whatever mess is going on underneath (be honest we've all done it). It can be plain jane or school spirited or cute for the fall and holidays coming up. Some of my favorites for fall are from United Monograms - with their new "Happy Fall Y'all" and Hocus Pocus themed crewnecks. Go check them out!

Fall is one of the best seasons of the year. It opens up so much fashionable creativity that can just soar through the wind with the falling leaves. These 6 style trends are great for all your favorite fall festivities - from the pumpkin patch and apple picking, to haunted hayrides and holiday shopping, or even just finishing up that crazy fall semester. 

A senior at Valdosta State University, majoring in English with a minor in Religious Studies. Just a writer trying to spread the Word of Jesus at the same time. "When you pass through deep waters, I will be with you." -Isaiah 43:2
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