6 Annoying Questions Family Members ask During Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break is a much-needed break for many us college students. We get to relax and not worry about school, work, or anything for a whole week. While it’s a great break for many you, it could be a less than ideal break for a lot of you. Like many holidays Thanksgiving is a time where your extended family all come together, and because they haven’t seen you in a long time they think it's ok to ask unwanted personal questions that you just may not be in the mood to answer. We all know you love your family members, most of the time anyway, but sometimes you just want to be left alone. With Thanksgiving almost a week away, check out the annoying questions your family members ask.

Are you dating anyone?

For some reason, family members always seem to be concerned with your love life, as if you want to disclose that part of your life with them.

Why don’t you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

When you proceed to tell your family that you're single, they then go on to ask why? As if it’s so easy to find someone to date.

How is school going?

If only they understood that you just want to take your mind off of school during your break.



How are your grades?

As if you weren't stressed out already, here comes that awkward how are your grades question.


What are your plans after graduation?

You may don't may not know what your plans are for tomorrow much less after graduation.



What happened to your little friend we met last time?

Chances are, you realized that your friendship was toxic so you're not friends with them anymore.If only they knew not to bring them up unless you did so yourself.