5Ways To Get A Perfect Selfie

Have you ever thought that there's a specific way that you had to take a selfie? Could'nt get the right angle of your selfie? Thought it didn't come out right? Thought you'd never get the perfect selfie or even figure out how to take one? Here are a few tips on how to get your perfect selfie the right way!!


1. Pose

Everyone has their signature pose they go to when it's time to take a selfie. Whether its duck lips, a smile, throwing up a peace sign, or even giving a sexy look towards the camera, everyone has a pose. There isn't a certain pose you have go for when taking your selfie, it's always whatever you think you look good doing when taking this picture. 

2. Filters

Filters just may have been the greatest thing created for pictures; whether it's a selfie or just a regular picture. Even on your bad days when you feel like you don't look good with a tap of a filter your can look amazing! A filter can be used in a good or bad way. A good way is for you to look the same when taking this selfie. A bad way is for you to look like a total different person when using this filter. You never want to overpower your face in your selfie with a filter. Use them to make you look even better when you already do!

3. Lighting

Lighting can change the way you look in selfie in a GREAT way! Everyone always tries to look for good lighting when taking their signature selfie. Great lighting can come from the sun, a selfie or ring light, and sometimes maybe even your flash. I know when I take selfie I always look for great lighting to come through and bless my selfie and you should too! These sources of light can make a big difference in your selfies and can sometimes make you look like you're glowing!

4. Hold Your Arm Up Above The Corner Of You're Head 

The selfie can capture your outfit all the way down to your waist when sitting and even all the way down to your shoes when standing up. This position can also capture you hair when you want it to be in your picture just because it looks so good! When taking a picture like this, some people like to use their SELFIE-STICK. You can find these at Walmart, Target, Dollar Store... Basically EVERYWHERE! This angle is mostly used to show off your outfit, hair, makeup, ALL-IN-ONE. This is a signature position for a lot of people when looking great and try to fit themselves all in one picture instead of having someone else being there to take their picture. You've got it girl, now try it out!

5. Background

To make sure your pictures look professional and not too cluttered, have a plain background in your selfie. This can be captured in front of plain walls on buildings, brick walls, in your house on a plain wall, etc. This makes your selfie look better when you don't have lots of stuff in the back taking away from your face. If you try this out, see how much more likes you can get on your pictures when you post them on social media.

I hope that you all have learned lots of angles and different ways to make that selfie perfect! Go forward,be great and make those selfies pop and look gorgeous!