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5 YouTube Gurus You Should Be Following Now

Growing up in the generation where YouTube basically taught you everything you know, you feel so connected to those individuals who decide to spread their knowledge to millions all over the world.  The beauty community of YouTube taught me everything makeup- and hair-related that I know, from Beauty Blenders, primers and eyeshadow tutorials using the infamous Naked palette. But I’ve always enjoyed watching the videos of the gurus I could relate to more. I’m sure after you watch my 5 favorite gurus you’ll be hooked by their amazing personalities and their outrageous makeup collections!


What drew me to her is that she’s practical! She doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty to have a good end result. She loves to use her fingers instead of brushes and the occasional jokes make the 5-minute tutorial more enjoyable. She’s aware of her flaws and strives to make girls feel beautiful, even if it’s a “No Makeup Makeup look” or  her full face tutorials!


Jeanine Amapola

What I love about Jeanine is that she’s a college student and has every tip for getting ready in a rush or just looking cute on a regular day on campus. She’s relatable and responds to subscribers in her comments (she responded to me once!). She takes requests so she can meet the needs of her subscribers! Her countless tutorials, DIYs and hauls keep me coming back.


Nabela Noor

Her channel is full of beauty tips, DIYs, room décor, food recipes and even touching on her relationship with her boyfriend who is of a different race. She covers everything you would ever want to know! She’s also planning for her upcoming wedding! Can’t wait to see the videos leading up to that!



Two of the most gorgeous twins I’ve ever seen, Kendra and Kelsey have a huge following in the makeup and natural hair community. They have the best hair tutorials for girls with long and/or natural hair. Most people can’t even believe that it’s their hair, but they have videos talking about their natural hair journey.  They are passionate about helping women look and feel good about themselves and giving them every tip they could possibly need!



She’s an amazing makeup artist and great with hair. Of course, you may be interested in her page because she’s gorgeous, but she has an exuberant personality that makes all her videos interesting. She loves to take things step by step and always details what products she uses in the box below (super helpful for finding dupes and coupon codes!).

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