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5 YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To

YouTube is a social media platform that we all know about and love. Here you can a find a video on any topic you can think of. Some of the most popular videos watched by a young collegiate woman are on topics such as hair, beauty, fashion and life. As a YouTuber myself (OMG Orasteez), I find myself looking up different gurus and gaining inpiration from them. My top 5 YouTubers that you all should check out are:

1. Shameless Maya

Her screen name says it all! This woman is phenomenal, and she seems to have the ability to get you through what ever situation you may be in. Maya makes videos on topics ranging from advice to drag queen makeovers! What I like most about Maya is her tagline, “DO YOU. BE YOU. STAY TRUE. #BESHAMELESS”. In 2013 Shameless Maya decided that she was going to shave off all of her gorgeous hair! She wanted to do this to invigorate herself after going through a tough divorce. Being able to walk around with a buzz cut after having a head full of long, thick hair took a lot of gumption for her to do. From this haircut is where she found her true beauty and thus the Shameless journey began!

2. Naptural85

Whitney aka Naptural85 is a natural hair guru, who uses all natural products for the best and healthiest results. Whitney started her natural hair journey in August of 2008 and she did the “big chop” with her hair in January of 2009. Whitney would go to YouTube for tips and tricks on what to do with her new short and natural hair. From watching these videos she began to realize that she could also help young women in her shoes. Whitney took her all natural hair elixirs and decided to start making videos for girls starting their natural hair journeys. If you’re looking for DIY hair treatments or natural hair hairstyles, then you should definitely check out Naptural85’s channel!

3. Clothesencounters

Not sure what to wear on a date or to class? You need to check out Jen Im or “Clothesencounters” on YouTube. Her edgy and chic style is definitely eye catching and in her videos she puts together outfits for any occasion. This college graduate decided to start making fashion inspired videos on YouTube because she was in an artistic jam. She needed an outlet to put her trendsetting ideas out on. Her #WhatWouldJenWear trending topic on Twitter receives different tweets from girls needing help on how to put outfits together for various settings. If you’re a fashionista, head over to YouTube and gain some fashion inspiration from Jen Im! 

4. Desi Perkins

I’m sure you all have seen this beauty all over Instagram with her gal pals Amrezy and Chrisspy. These three makeup arstist are always on #FLEEK, but did you know Desi has a YouTube channel where she recreates her looks seen on Instagram for you girls to try at home? On her channel she creates a variety of different looks and celebrity inspired looks. Desi is very experienced in makeup, starting her career off on Instagram. She used this social media platform as an way to showcase her talents. Her followers began to grow and grow until they started begging her to create a channel. After making her channel, the subscribers started to pour in!

5. Latoya Forever

If you can’t find anything to watch on television and you’re looking for laughs, check out Latoya Forever’s vlogging channel, Latoya’s Life. You all have probably already heard of Latoya Forever’s main channel on YouTube, but her vlogging channel is where you can take a step into her life. With her new addition to the family, Latoya is balancing motherhood and the daily dramas that her friends and family bring to the table. Trust me, you wont regret subscribing to this Trinidadian fireball!


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My name is Ora Lewis. I attend Valdosta State University, where I study Public Relations. I enjoy all things fashion and beauty. I love meeting new people and traveling!
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