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We all have goals that we want to accomplish but can sometimes have a hard time staying on the right track. Staying motivated is a goal that everyone can share, especially when times get tough. Here’s a few ways to start the process.

1. Focus on your goal and think about how you plan to accomplish it

Set a goal for yourself that you know you can accomplish, no matter how big or how small because of course, you can do anything you put your mind to. Literally visualize yourself reaching your goal and create a realistic plan that will bring you closer to your goal. Picture the end result and how great you will feel once you reach that point.


2. Write it down. Make a list of why you want to accomplish your goal.

Write it, draw it, or create it. Make a visual representation of your goal so you can see it every day and be reminded of your great plans. Think about why you want to achieve this goal and how it will benefit you in the long run. Envision your goal down to the last minute detail and take note of each detail, don’t leave anything out.

3. Break the goal down in to smaller steps.

Breaking your goal down into smaller pieces helps you focus on one thing at a time and will minimize the frustration that comes with trying to accomplish something great. As you concentrate on each small success you will be inspired to take more steps that will bring you closer to your goal. Reaching each smaller goal will become easy, making it less of a challenge to achieve your goal. 

4. Recognize and keep track of your success.

Log your success by taking note of each time you conquer a milestone. Recognize your progress by taking time to step back and look at the bigger picture. Go back to your list and look at all the mini goals that you have completed so far. You will realized that you have progressed so far and continue to motivate your self to keep it up. 


5. Reward yourself when you complete a new step towards your goal.

Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for all of your success. Rewarding yourself is always pleasant and it motivates you to keep going. Take a break to relax or treat yourself to something you love. Remind yourself that you’re doing a great job because you are!

Now that you have these 5 ways to start your process to staying motivated, you can start fresh on your way to achieving your goals! HCXO!

Vivian Watley, also known as, Vee is a new member of Her Campus Valdosta State. She is a junior studying mass media and possibly soon to be a communication minor. As a current mass media student, Vee is still deciding on what specifically she wants to focus on. She enjoys creating YouTube videos and considers herself a natural hair enthusiast.
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