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5 Tips for Getting Over the Second Semester Hump

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Valdosta chapter.

It’s that time of the school year when the end of the semester is so near you can almost taste it. Summer is practically calling your name! But it’s also the time where you get distracted and start putting less effort into your school tasks. As unfortunate as it is, now is when you need to buckle down the most and get those grades into the most prestine condition they can be in! With the pressure of finals coming up and bringing that ‘C’ up to a ‘B’, things can get super stressful and giving up seems like the only way out of this mental turmoil, we get it! That’s why we’re here to provide you with a few tips to help you get over the hump.

1. Remain Positive!

That sounds absolutely ridiculous while fretting over the 6 page paper due by next Wednesday while still having to study for Chemistry, but believe it or not, positivity helps! Positive thinking yields positive results! Don’t let the stress of your school work overwhelm you and get you down. Remaining positive will uplift your spirits and keep you motivated.Take on each task with determination and will power that you WILL get it done. You can do it!

2. Focus

This might be the most important tip. While partying with your friends sounds way more appealing than cracking open your textbooks, it’s not going to help with your assignments. School should be your number one priority at this crucial time of the year. Get your work done first. Use a night out as an incentive or reward but that’s only AFTER you’ve been hard at it with your work. Focusing also means no more strolling down your Twitter timeline after only minutes of looking at your Statistics homework. Push all your distractions aside (phones, friends, boyfriends) and dedicate your time to your assignments!

3. Do Not Procrastinate!

We’re all too familiar with the excuse “I’ll do it later..” or “I’ll do it tomorrow” when we know that in reality, we won’t. It’s time you’ve stopped lying to yourself. Don’t leave tasks uncompleted. Once you start something, finish it! Get it done so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Pushing things off to the side won’t make them go away, and doing so will only stress you out more. Procrastination only leads to the build up of work which can seem like more to handle than it really is.

4. Find What Motivates You

Whether you’re graduating this year or looking forward to taking that vacation with the fam, have a goal in mind! You’re more likely to stay focused and driven when you’re working towards something. Find what motivates you and keep it as a reminder that you have to get through this semester to get to it! Nothing makes you feel better than achieving your goals. 

5. Go To Class

Stop thinking it’s okay to skip class just this once, because chances are it’ll happen more than once. It’s crucial for you to go to class no matter how pointless or boring you think it is. Going to class is just as important at this time of the year as it was in the first half. Sleeping in or just staying home to chill isn’t worth missing out on what could’ve been important, not to mention how worthless it is to fail a class due to attendance issues.

So hang in there, collegiettes! Summer is almost here, but it’s not here just yet. School is still in session! Don’t let the second semester hump drag you down. Finish out the year strong! You can do this!



I'm Felicia Burnett! I am a sophomore at Valdosta State University. My major is Exercise Physiology but I have a deep passion for writing!
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